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Sept 15th 2001


The Real Kofy Brown Kofy Brown - Area 32-(The real Kofy Brown): LP (Simba  Music) 


Kofy Brown not to be confused with the R&B group of the same name (just spelt differently) is an amazing singer/songwriter that you've probably never heard of. 

SURPRISED, you shouldn't be because the real Kofy Brown has been in the industry for the last eight years, touring worldwide and winning national audiences in Europe, Canada and the United states. When asked about the duo Koffee Brown “I was shocked and surprised when the duet Koffee Brown emerged with my name. My business partner and I were meeting with an executive at Sony and he says ‘what’s going on... I thought you got signed there’s another Kofy Brown out there?” One week later we heard the their song on KMEL/San Francisco where I live then three weeks later we issued a cease and desist letter to protect my trademark. 

The Washington DC native who's now based in Oakland CA, has released four full length albums; She’s Butter (1992), Live & Delicious (1993), Hungry (1997) and Skinny & Tight  (1999) that she released on her own indie label Simba Music, all of which has made underground acclaim but have not enjoyed any mainstream airplay . This time around the “Real Kofy Brown” gives us a more soulful, funkier and certainly more unique taste to what's been offered in past attempts 

With songs like, "A Day In The Life" a funky smooth and intoxicating track to the protest song, " 41 TIMES ", about the shooting of Amadou Diallo, Kofy's chops are poignant, compassionate and soulful. The first single will be " Lost & Looking " a song about searching through the trials and tribulations of life. A most-def Ty-D Pick across the board




One man band - Mel Johnson Mel Johnson - Barely holding on: (Mel-o-Dramatic)


Mr. Johnson is a man of many talents, on 'Barely holding on ' this up and coming star who calls Atlanta, GA home plays all the instruments, wrote and produced the song (as well as the entire album for which the song is taken).    

The song is stylish and fresh with a hint of D'Angelo playing organ and neo-soul. The debut project from Mel is the culmination of years of experience he has written and performed compositions on countless records as a guest and now he finally has the chance to create a project for himself.

The Law of Karma ” embodies the perfect balance between hip-hop and soul that is the signature sound of Melodramatic Productions. This record is a classic in the making, appealing to young urban audience and older more mature consumers as well. Another Ty- D Pick for you here.






In sequence - Ms. Angie Stone Angie Stone - Mahogany Soul: (J Records) 


What can you say about Angie except that she just gets better and better with every project she does and Mahogany Soul is definitely one that falls in that category.

Angie was born in Columbia, South Carolina. As a gospel-trained soul singer she moved to New York in her late teens and reinvented herself as rapper Angie B. In the mid-80s, Angie formed the first ever female rap trio Sequence, (featuring Cheryl Cook, and Gwendolyn Chisolm) a group that was far ahead of their time in the days of male-dominated hip-hop. They had moderate success with tracks like 'Sequence Party', 'Funk you up' and 'Simon says'. Subsequent gigs lead to a spell as saxophone player and backing vocalist with Lenny Kravitz, lead vocalist with soul trio Vertical Hold, success as a songwriter for Mary J. Blige and SWV and sang backing vocals for D'Angelo

Mahogany Soul  due out October 16, is the shining light in the new gender now called neo-soul/R&B. Co-produced and written in its entirety by the young lady herself, Angie is also joined by the likes of Raphael Saadiq, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Warryn Campbell, Eran Tabib, Gerald Isaac, Rufus Blaq just to name a few. 

The lead single 'Brotha ' is a tribute to all the black men of the world both famous or otherwise and then there's the delightful duet with Calvin Richardson "More than a woman " a stirring and riveting ballad sensuous in every sense, very classy stuff. Other notables are ' Pissed off ', 'Snowflakes', '20 Dollars', 'Mad Issues ' and 'Bottles and Cans '  One of the years best albums here and if you want to learn more about Angie visit her website (click her photo to take you there). A Ty D Pick indeed not to be missed.






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