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Sept 1st 2001


'Vogue' gril - Dawn Robinson Dawn Robinson - Dawn: LP (Q Records/WB) 


Well she will certainly prove that she can hold her own in the female R&B sector of the world. Dawn Robinson makes her solo debut with her self-titled set on Q Records/Warner Bros. The former vocalist from En-Vogue and Lucy Pearl branches out on her own with an array of songs worthy for contention of your earlobes.

The 12 song set features a new batch of upcoming producers who have helped shaped the sound of today's R&B music, Pajam (Sisqo, N'Sync), Travon Potts (Monica and Christine Aguilera), Ivan Barrios and Carvin Haggins (Jill Scott, Musiq) and Kenni Ski (Christion). It's smooth sailing from start to finish mixing the likes of R&B, Soul, Funk and Jazz on various tracks. The lead-off single is "Envious" a funk infectious number guaranteed to stir something in you but the sleeper hit to me is "Set it off", a beautifully produced track co- written by the young lady herself with it's light strings and riffs, it makes for an instant dance floor hit     

Other notables include 'Still', 'Party, Party', 'Get Up Again' and  'Meaning Of A Woman'. The album is tentatively set for a January release but look for a middle to late March release. An excellent album through and through don't miss out on it. A most def Ty-D Pick




British Babes - Miss-Teeq Misteeq - One Night Stand: (Inferno/Telstar)


The brit-teen princesses return with this their 3rd single taken from the debut album "Licking from both Sides".  Following in the footsteps of 'All I want' and the debut single 'Why' (both British charting Top Ten hits),  Sabrina, Alesha and Su-Elise form the all girl group and will most likely draw comparisons to Destiny's Child and Blaque but make no mistake musicly they are far more superior than their American counterparts. 

Their sound is fresh and a touch of the English rhythm called 2-step (that's yet to catch on here in the states) is evident in this new number of theirs Blending kindly the mass appeal of R&B and house makes this one a winner in my books and maybe the ladies first No. 1 hit. I have to say a good record round and round and I'm sure they'll find their way onto my top Ten @ 10. Another TYD Pick.





Does it all - Blyss Blyss - Diggin: (6th Ward/Capricious) 


His moody style on the record draws comparison to one that inspired him D'Angelo and draws his inspirations from others like Prince, Stevie Wonder, Victor Wooten, Donny Hathaway, to the The Ohio Players, Mint Condition, Stanley Clarke, and Bootsy Collins. The song though speaks for itself.

Diggin' (taken from the EP called Time in chains) is a laid laid back track softened by a low key driven bassline and hook. The song draws merit for quality production from the man himself who plays 4 different instruments. 

In his own words " My first instrument was trumpet, moved to bass, guitar and other instruments in junior high school. I knew from the start that all I wanted to do for the rest of my life was play music".

He's not yet got an official label deal but you can listen or download his music at MP3.com (click his photo to take you there). A Ty D Pick indeed





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