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Aug 1st 2001


Mr. Smooth - Kenny Lattimore Kenny Lattimore - Weekend  LP (Arista)


Kenny Lattimore first bursts unto the music scene in 1996 with his self-titled album that gave us the brilliant floor mover 'Never too busy' and the ultra smooth ballad 'For you' (that went on to score top ten success on the Billboard Top 100 R&B charts). With the success of the debut came his sophomore set 'From the Soul of Man' (in '98) and again another fine body of work but sadly garners no attention from the airwaves (neither radio and internet) or consumers. 

Now 3 years on, Kenny has a new outlook as he switches gears and signs a deal with a new label in Arista and now has a fantastic new tune out called 'Weekend' that's making the rounds on the R+R circuit. Taken from the album of the same the name, the song is written by Kenny and produced by the ever so popular, up and coming producers Troy Taylor and Charles Ferrar (aka The Characters). 

The album features a wide array of writers and producers including George Duke, Raphael Saadiq, Battlecat and the Marley Brothers to name a few but the stand out track for me is 'Come to me' wonderfully produced by Raphael. Other notables are 'Baby, you are the one', 'Don't deserve' and the mid-tempo groove 'Can you feel me' featuring Shanice. With that said one can hardly wait to get their hands on the finished product. I'm really looking forward to the full length set which has a tentative release date slated for September.... Another TY-D Pick here and I promise you will hear this one a lot on the show.





The King of Pop - Michael Jackson Michael Jackson - You rock my world: (MJJ/Sony) 



The King of Pop Michael Jackson is back and in a very big way with this the lead-off single from his forth coming full length set "Invincible", his first studio album of all new material in 7 years. 

Produced and written in collaboration with Rodney Jenkins this catchy mid-tempo dance groove marriages the blend of pop and soul to marinate your soul with the 'tapping toe' syndrome (shake a leg people) and will light up dance floors across the universe and most definitely will top the charts

The album is due out October 30th and from early reviews most think it's some of his best work in years - time will tell but I tell you this, a definitive TYD Pick - no doubt.    





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