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June 1st - 15th 2000

Destiny's Child - Say my name: Timberland rmx (Columbia) 

Kelly, Beyonce, LeToya and Latevia flip the script on the original track thanks to the new beat mechanic Timberland. He cleverly dropped in a double break beat, add strings and a few chords and voila..... a rugged remix. 

The remix is a lovely change of pace from the original and I will play it to death so be sure to listen to my radio show "The Menu" on Mixx96fm.com and tell me what you think.


Lil' Kim - Right now: (Undeas/Atlantic)

In 1996 Lil' Kim (whose given name is Kim Jones) released her debut album Hardcore which was in a word just that and caught everyone by surprise with hits like No Time, Crush on you and Queen Bitch. This time around with the passing of former lover Notorious B.I.G. she has taken on the legacy of his name with her sophmore effort  'Notorious K.I.M' which has a lot  more hardcore to offer as well.

Right Now makes the rounds with the in your face attitude or else persomma which stands out as one of the better ones. Carl Thomas lends a helping hand on vocals and gives the track a lift from the usually boring lyrics but its a nice surprise nevertheless. if you are a fan of hers then she won't disappoint you but give credit where credit is due she's doing what she does best.


Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty: (Rawkus)

I'm normally not a big fan of rap music because most often than most they all seem to say the same things or they sound the same. Mos Def on the other hand is not in that category.

His style of rap is all his own, instinctive, unique and that's very evident on this catchy number. Ms. Fat Booty is smart, witty and funny at times and that's something you very seldom find on a rap track. I really like this record because it said something about rap music - it's not one dimensional as most of us are led to believe.


Next - Wifey: (Arista)

The trio from Minnesota bounces back right where they left off with this the first single off their sophomore album 'Welcome to Nextacy'. This bubbly dance number has all the right ingredients to be as huge as their debut single 'Too close'. KayGee from Naughty by Nature fame serves as producer again and the album is due out this month available on Arista Records.


Kobe Bryant - Thug Poet: (Columbia)

Yes, you read right the whiz kid from the Los Angeles Lakers takes a stab at the rap game following in the footsteps of team mate Shaquille O'Neal.

Thug Poet isn't anything to brag home about but it does have it's good points. Whether he takes it seriously as an art form remains to be seen but just like the team he plays for he's off to a flying start.  


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