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July 15th 2001


Big things to come - Julie Dexter Julie Dexter - Peace of Mind: EP (Dexterity Music)


You most likely haven't heard of her music or her name but I can tell you she can certainly sing. Julie Dexter is a world-renowned singer / songwriter who has won numerous awards internationally. A classically trained musician who writes, arranges, composes and produces practically all of her material, Julie is considered by many to be one of the most important female vocalists of her generation and has been dubbed by her fans as "The UK's Queen of Soul." 

Her influences in music runs very deep with the likes of  legendary names as Abbey Lincoln, Billie Holiday and Nancy Wilson, as well as the new era movement acts such as Omar and (my girl) Sade, Julie brings the essence of classic soul to the mainstream forum. The EP is called 'Peace of Mind' and it features 6 exquisite tracks that wets the jazz, soul, reggae and rhythm lover in you. Notables include 'Ketch a vibe', 'Sweet Melodies' and 'Sweet dub'. I urge you to get a hold of this talented young lady's set and at $8 it's worth every cent. Don't miss out.

A most definite Ty-D Pick. Take a listen to her album by clicking the image above and follow the simple directions.   





The saga cont.... P Diddy - Bad Boy for Life: (Bad Boy) 



Puff Daddy or P Diddy (don't know which is which with him nowadays ) and the Bad Boy family first single from their forthcoming album P. Diddy and the Bad Boy family...the saga continues. keeps it real so to speak. The single has already picked up major airplay across the globe and has all the usual trates of a Puff Daddy production that will keep his loyal fans happy and in true fashion has the usual suspects on hand too in Black Rob and BuckWild 

The compilation features almost all of Bad Boy's roaster including Carl Thomas and Faith Evans. The album is already available in stores now.  





The 'Face' Babyface - There she goes (Arista)



Singer/songwriter/producer Kenny 'Babyface' Edmunds is back in the thick of things on the soul scene with this rather moderate debut single (for Arista). This track is a little bit of a stretch for the 'face' as he's not as sharp on this one as past works and at first listen you might not even recognize his voice.

It's produced by The Neptunes who has given the song a change of pace in rhythm and style for the singer who comes across with a lil' harder sound on this track compared to the norm mellow drama beats you've come to expect from him.

Taken off his forthcoming debut release for Arista 'Face2Face' (due in stores September 11th), it features a host of young, fresh producers including Mike City, Tim and Rob and Buckwild and features Snoop Dogg in a guest appearance role A Ty-D Pick nethertheless. 





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