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July 1st 2001


The Beautiful Beverlei Brown Beverlei Brown - Next to you: LP (Dome)


She's not yet known to the American public but that's about to change because in her native UK she has scored Top 10 status on the R&B charts with the track "On and On". She is Beverlei Brown, a beautifully talented (and sexy I might add) young artist to emerge on the UK soul music scene.

The album's called 'Next to you' (Dome) and it has already got the industry buzzing with excitement. The producers and writers on the set include Ronnie Knight, Michael Daley of The Full Crew, Simon Payne and the Full Flava team of Rob Derbyshire and Paul Mullings. The album is a mixture of some solid R&B flavour mixed with 2-Step, house and a dash of jazz to fill the brew. Songs of note include 'Love you yes', 'Somebody knows how you feel', 'Part-time Lover' and the current single 'Gonna get over you' (already released in Japan along with the album as well). Beverlei also co-wrote six of the tracks on the album again proving just what a talent this young lady really is.

The lead off single to be released in the UK is 'Best Friend' which can also be found on the Dome compilation CD/LP 'Soul Power'. Look for the album to be released in the UK late September. Again no US distribution so if you want a copy, jump on the net and visit her label www.domemusic.co.uk. Ask for Peter or Santosh (if you call) and they'll take good care of you. Most definitely a Ty-D pick here 





Darrius Darrius - Darrius: LP (Critical Sun) 


Darrius Willrich - who's that you might say well I'm sure not a lot of you have heard of his name but I feel you will in the near forsaken future if radio Program Directors get off their collective arses, shake up their playlists and actually add good soul music such as this set to them for a change. 

His self-titled album consists of 11 excellently penned tracks all of which have their own unique stamp to them, well written and produced by Darrius himself, who's voice brings to mind the likes of Donny Hathaway, DJ Rogers and Webster Lewis. Starting things is the beautiful ballad 'Blissful' which explains the joy of marriage and love, next is 'The waiting is over' a jazz influenced mid-Sunday afternoon drive track that has radio potential  written all over it and the equally stunning 'When she comes to me' another example of how amazing this young man is as both an artist and writer another great track.

Other notables include the brilliant ballad 'Lost in forever', I am your love, 'My unceasing love' and 'Corner Store'. Great disc throughout and hopefully you will see and hear it in a record shop near you. You can purchase it on line at MP3.com. Another TY-D pick





Mr. Smooth - Rell Rell - If that's my baby  (Roc-a-fella/Elektra)



Rell is a star in the making, a bright shining star at that. Though his name might not a recognizable one (yet), if this latest effort is any indication to just how fine a talent this young man is then it will be not only a recognizable one but a household one as well.

We were first introduced to Rell in 1998 with the much un-noticed 'Love for free' (which incidentally is included on his debut album 'The Remedy') 'If that's my baby' is quite another story. Produced and written by Mike City (Sunshine Anderson, Angie Stone) the song is a welcome reminder of what an R&B ballad should be and Rell's voice carries it ever so effortlessy. It's already a hit with me and on the show having occupied the No.1 spot on The Menu's 'Top Ten at 10' 2 weeks in a row and counting.

The album 'The Remedy' will be in stores forthcoming (no street date was set prior to this review) but nevertheless if and when it does get released, do not (I repeat) do not pass up on it - A most definite Ty-D Pick. Take a listen to his album by clicking the image above.   




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