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June 15th 2001


The Lovely Lisa Stansfield Lisa Stansfield - Let's just call it love: (Arista)


To me when it comes to top notch singers they come no highly rated nor regarded than Lisa Stansfield who's last self titled release was one of the most underrated and under played albums of 97. Well after a relocation to Ireland with hubby and partner Ian Devaney and a 4 yr absence from the music industry Lisa returns with her latest effort called 'Face Up' (Arista)  

As well as writing and producing the set with her hubby Ian this marks the first album that they have produced and collaborated on without former band member/collaborator/producer Andy Morris who has ventured out on his own 2 yrs ago ( with no hard feelings I gathered).

The first single 'Let's just call it love' is a true testament to Lisa's exceptional and unique voice, you expect nothing less from her and what a whopping great track it is in all. The elements are in place here, strings, horns, driving bass line all shining through in their respective areas making this one another instant hit for her. The single will be released June 4th in the UK but no street date has been scheduled for the US as of yet and rumor has it that it won't be released in the states domestically either. The album has a tentative street date for late summer. 

Don't pass up on this one as soon as I get a copy I will be playing it very frequent and often on the show as I would say " A TY-D Pick indeed". Do yourself a favour and get it. 




 Gary Taylor - Under the Nightlight: LP (Morning Crew) 


Gary Taylor returns with a brand new album to follow the very pleasing 'Moods of Midnight' set from last year. Gary's style and mystique is as a singer/song writer/producer puts him in a category all by himself and again comes up another masterpiece.

What gives Gary such merit is his ability to create a sense of vibe to his music and how his sensual voice carries the songs with driven intent to please the alluring public. The album has something for everyone from the jazz influenced to the R&B ballad. Most notable is the stunning ballad 'All or nothing at all' that features Vann Johnson and 'Erotica' the classic from years back redone masterfully as only Gary can.

Other notable tracks include 'Gotta be a way', 'Restore my faith', 'Keep an open heart' and 'The Nightlight' featuring Keith Fiddmont. The album is in stores now no release date for any singles though.  A most def Ty-D Pick






The Main Man - Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick Incognito - Life stranger than Fiction: LP (Talking Loud)


Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick, the mastermind behind my much loved Incognito will release their final album for Talkin Loud Records (their label in England), entitled 'Life Stranger Than Fiction'. This final album will hit store shelves July 23rd in the UK and according to insiders marks a different approach for the group in venturing the neo-soul sound.

What exactly brought on this new approach to the album well D'Angelo and seeing him live in concert. Says Bluey, "One night, when returning home from seeing D'Angelo at the Brixton Academy, I got the driver to do an about turn and headed straight for my studio and announced to everyone that I was scrapping the album we'd recorded and starting afresh, right there and then." 

Bluey's always been an innovator where his music is concerned, ever since his early days with 'Light of the World'. (with whom he was one of the original founding members). His influences on rhythm and style is very evident in his music, constantly pushing the boundaries of the music gender barrier as we know it and this set definitely makes a mark in that direction. On the album there are four new vocalists featured - Sarah Brown (on 'Slow down, get a grip'), Xavier Barnett (on 'Reach out'), Diane Joseph (on 'Bring you down') and Kelli Sae (on 'Stay mine'). All four artists are featured on the track 'There will come a day'.  Be on the lookout for this one should be a dandy. 

TY-D Pick  for your ear here. Don't miss out





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