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Apr 15th 2001


Sunshine Anderson - Heard it all before: (Atlantic)


Making the rounds of late are a host of female vocalists who shows promise that the female category in the R&B field is not as underrated as one might be led to believe it was a few years back. The likes of Mary J. Blige (known as MJB nowadays), Whitney Houston and Lisa Stansfield (who's in a league of her very own in my opinion) have etched their name in this category in the past but then one wonders who would be the next voice to step up to the plate. Well wonder on more they have arrived in the form of young heroines India Arie, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys (to name a few) all of whom have made some noises of their own the last year and a half.

The more recent descendent from the pod to 'shine' her skills is the lovely Sunshine Anderson. Named after the now infamous Roy Ayers track, this Charlotte, North Carolina native is tearing up the airwaves with her smash hit single 'Heard it all before' from her debut album 'Your Woman' (Atlantic)

Armed with an extremely powerful vocal chord reminisce of good old fashioned gospel training and touched by god's gift of voice she pulls no punches as she tackles the issues in hand and lays down the laws simply put - she's heard it all before. The song has flourished on radio which can only mean the remixes are on the way so don't sleep on this lil' lass cos she just might surprise you. The album will be in stores April 17th do yourself a favour and give it a listen you'll never know otherwise. A true Ty-D Pick here.





Cover Image Spooks - Sweet Revenge: (Artemis) 


At first glance with this group especially with this track one is led to believe that they were an R&B outfit but surprisingly enough they're not they're a rap group (at least that's where they're categorized under at the record shops) that hails from the West Coast (Oakland area). 

This track came to my attention late last year when it was featured on the 'Disappearing Acts' movie soundtrack. I fell in love with it instantly for it has all the right ingredients to make it a hit, a catchy hook, a sinful bassline and most importantly Ming-Xia's exceptional voice. A moody sensual slow groover that will appeal to the masses across the board looking for good music.  'Sweet Revenge' is taken from their full length set called 'VOL.1 S.I.O.S.I.S.' which is in stores now. Another song from the album that's featured on the 'Disappearing Acts' soundtrack is 'Flesh not bone' which tends to be a bit more meatier than this but never-the-less a good track. 

I will be playing this track frequent and often so if you want a listen do tune in. A most def Ty-D Pick




Various Artists - Soul Power (Dome)


The home of UK RNB flavour (as their slogan suggests) has another wicked set on their hands as Dome Records proudly presents their latest compilation called 'Soul Power' (Dome -25) which will be in stores April 16th.  This new set gives you the best on both continents in house, soul, gospel and RNB all on one delicious album.

The album has some of the most profiled names in the business including Charlie Wilson, Rahsaan Patterson, Darwin Hobbs, Tommy Sims and Mica Paris with Bobby Womack . Also included here is the  brand new single by James  Williams ll called "Spirit Jam" (formally of D Train fame), Gospel act Anointed shines with "That'll Do It" (produced by Tommy Sims),

Also included is New York soul crew Cooly's Hot Box with "Friend of Mine" as well as Ledisi with 'Take time', newcomer Denetria Chance comes in with "I'll Always Remember You" and latest Dome signing Beverlei Brown gleams with her latest "Best Friend", produced by Full Crew's Michael Daley. These will be played frequent and often on my show (The Menu on Mixx96fm.com) so tune in. and experience the 'scene'. A most definite TY-D Pick




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