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Feb 15th 2001


Spanish Fly - Can I get that: rmx (Indie Label)


With the likes of TLC, Blaque, 702 and most recently Destiny's Child enjoying major hits on both radio and the charts, newcomers Spanish Fly (whom I had the pleasure of interviewing a few weeks back) is looking to add their spice to the mix with their debut single 'Can I get that'.

The group who hails from the NY area compiles of 3 young ladies; Ingrid (from Brooklyn) the oldest @ 24, Jessica (from Queens) - 21 and Rosi (from the Bronx) the youngest @ age 19. To these ladies the influence of their latin heritage gives them a unique prospective for their music who Jessica says "is a cross between latin and RNB, not many artists are singing latin and RNB which gives us the edge - its something new".

The single will get comparisons to the Destiny's Child and TLC's but it stands on its own 2 feet very well and if radio programmers are open minded it should see some playing time across the board.  

They worked with some of the hottest names in the business too namely Chico Debarge (on 'Come Back') and the single itself written and produced by Joe Thomas (aka Joe) who the lassies say was a joy to work with "With him being a big star he was so easy to work with" explains Rosi. The LP is tentatively scheduled for a  summer release, the single will drop in March.





Jon B - Don't Talk (Epic)


Taken off his forthcoming album "Pleasures you like" (his 3rd for Sony) 'Don't talk' talks mighty loud and in volumes as it makes its way around shop.

'Don't talk', written and co-produced by Jon himself (who co-produced the entire album) shows true merit of the man's talent as a singer/songwriter with its toe tapping 2 step beat and rhythm. Its storyline is geared to the chase of getting a girl's attention but its catchy nevertheless and is well produced. 

The single went to radio this past week and shows promise to be another big hit for the 'so called' Babyface protégé. The album is set to be released March 20 at record shops across the globe  (Pssssst - 'Don't talk', don't walk run for this one - my pick as the sleeper hit of the spring)





Bilal - Sometimes (Moyo Music/


Philadelphia recently have given us some of the best soul talent in recent memory Will Smith, The Roots to most recently Jill Scott and Musiq SoulChild.

Philly's latest product is Bilal (born Bilal Oliver) and he has taken the world by the throat with debut single 'Soul Sista ' (featured on the 'Love and Basketball - SDTK'). Although he has been compared to D'Angelo with his baritone voice, Bilal served up a slice of true soul flavour heaven with 'Soul Sista ' and with that brought the spotlight on what the follow - up has to offer.

'Sometimes ' dare I say is not only good but better than 'Soul Sista ' (and that's saying something) and shows us what a talented find this man is. He flows through his lyrics like a free flowing waterfall into the sea and settles down in the debts of your emotions. Its only a glimpse of whats to come with the full length '1st born second ' due out on your record selves this coming March 27th  - I highly recommend getting this set and not just the single track




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