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Jan 15th 2001


Modjo - Lady (Hear me Tonight): (MCA)


Hailing from France Romain (yes like the lettuce - just spelt differently) and Yann form the new dance group Modjo, a duo who came to be while gigging for other bands in and around France in 98. Once the idea to form a group came about that year they recorded and released 'Lady ' and already have an international hit on their hands in Europe.

After taking Europe on its heels 'Lady ' gets a nationwide US release last month (through MCA/Universal distribution) and already has caused a stir across the board. The song itself is a catchy house club number much in renaissance to Spacedust's 'Music feels good with you ' from a few years back. I like this one a lot and will be playing it very frequent and often so don't expect this one to die a quick death. 

The album is due to released in March and the next single will be 'Chillin ' featuring remixes by the Buffalo Bunch and Herve Bordes due for release in the next few weeks. If you're a house fan (as I am) then you'll enjoy this one. A TY-D Pick for real 





Various Artists - Strictly the Best Vol.26: LP (VP)


The latest edition to the 'Strictly the Best' series ushers in the best of last years lovers rock tracks featuring the likes of Freddie McGregor with 'I see it in you ', Sanchez - 'Sometimes ',  Half Pint - 'Just be good ' and Jr. Curtis - 'Love so nice '.

As a whole, the album is a delight to listen to. You literally absorb each track without hesitation not a bad cut in the lot, a really well produced set which was compiled by producer Lloyd Campbell

The series started back in the mid 80's and has steadily grown in popularity with each release ever since. This is a great album, I highly recommend any true Lovers Rock fan to go out and get a copy of their own. Another TY-D Pick for you to enjoy





 Shaggy - Hotshot: LP (MCA)


Shaggy (given name: Orville Burrell) is back after a 2 yr hiatus with a new album and a new label in MCA. Nicknamed Mr. Boombastic after his mega-hit single 'Boombastic ' back in 95, Hotshot  finds Shaggy's lyrics and delivery are as sharp and crisp as ever which is very evident with his current single 'It wasn't me '  featuring Ricardo 'Ricrok' Ducent. A story about adultery and being caught in the act. 

This set has more of the usual sample riddled tracks from 'Leave it to me ' (Freddie Jackson's 'Rock me Tonight ') to 'Dance and Shout ' (The Jackson's 'Shake your body down to the ground ' ) The set begins with the title cut 'Hotshot ' a bouncy 2 stepper catered to please the listening Shaggy enthusiast, following suit is 'Lonely lover ', 'Angel ' and 'Keeping it real '. 

Other notables include 'Not Fair ', 'Freaky Girl ' and the bonus CD track 'Chica Bonita '. With 2 million units already sold here in the states alone, Shaggy is enjoying his most successful album yet and rightfully so. A must have for all Shaggy fans.




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