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Dec 1st 2000

Toni Braxton - Spanish Guitar: (Laface)

Ms. Braxton returns with a delightful ballad worthy of those sensual vocal chops of hers. After her much publicized  past history with filing for bankruptcy and left almost pennyless she proves that faith is the true healer with another platinum album in 'Heat and two top ten hits in 'He wasn't man enough ' and 'Just be a man about it  ' (featuring Dr Dre)

On 'Spanish Guitar ' she really shines as she reminds us of just how talented a singer she really is, her voice is deliciously sexy, decisive and as soothing a reminder as her debut  in '93. The production is well orchestrated and the song which was penned by Diane Warren can only add the winning touch to what should be another smash hit for Toni to add to her already impressive arsenal of hit singles. A worthy Ty-D Pick by all standards.





Common feat/Macy Gray - Geto Heaven: rmx T.S.O.I. (The sound of Illadelph): (MCA) 


Chicago is a city not known for rap music nor rappers as a whole but Common (whose given name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn) is the jewel of the Windy City as it's first true rap star. His latest CD 'Like water for chocolate ' is the surprise hit of the summer which is no surprise to me for I knew this disc was good but now it seems that others are coming out of hibernation and taking notice.

His latest release is the crafty head bopper Geto Heaven (which samples from The Family Stand's - 'Ghetto Heaven '.) Common's flow is deliberate and to the point as he delivers the lyrics in 'Common' fashion. Macy's harmonizing gives you spirit like a touch of fresh air and compliments the track gracefully. I plan to play this one on a regular basis and I hope other DJ's follow suit. Definitely a Ty-D Pick.






  Master P - 'Bout dat : (No Limit)


Mr. Miller is one of a selected few to say that his record label (No Limit Records) is 100% owned and operated by him and after his humble beginnings of leading the thug life can proudly say he is one of the richest label execs on the planet.  With this in mind, I see no surprise here as Master P sticks to the formula that has placed him in the spotlight.

The ever popular sound of New Orleans rap is very evident on this track but the formula does tends to be a little stale after awhile even with Silkk the Shocker's flow on board but as they say 'if it isn't broke don't fix it'. Taken from the forthcoming album 'Ghetto Postage ' due out November28.




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