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Nov 1st 2000

Dennis Taylor - Enough is enough: LP  (Dome)


With all due respect to the artists labeled 'the cream of the crop' of the soul music gendre, I must confess that this album comes very close to perfection with the exception of Jill Scott's Who is Jill Scott? (my vote for album of the year)

Dennis's voice is like a fine tuned Jaguar car taking a leisurely drive on a Sunday afternoon as you sit back, relax and enjoy track after track after track. From the get go , you are greeted by the title cut 'Enough is Enough ' a classy house number that gets you 'shaking your rump' as they say. Next you have 'Bad as you wanna be ' a mid-tempo dance number that jumps up and grabs you then there is the excellent cover of Anita Baker's 'Angel ' that's been revamped Y2K style as well as the more visible cover version of Patti Labelle's 'Love, need and want you '. Other notables include Yesterday, Out of Control ', 'Can we do it? ', 'Here I am ' and the sleeper hit 'Smile '

Listen to me when I say this, Dennis Taylor will be a household name in 2001 no doubt about it. This album is and will be a delight to listen to time and time again in your CD player so I urge you to get yourself a copy on line because it's not available domesticly yet in the US (hopefully that will change very soon) A mos def Ty-D Pick.





 Dave Hollister - Chicago 85...The Movie: (Dreamworks)


The former member of Blackstreet returns with a vengence with this his sophomore effort on Dreamworks.

True to form, Dave holds court as he unleashes a bellow of mellow drama slow move ballads ranging from telling the tale of being faithful to the one you love in One woman man to starting a family with 'Yo' baby's Daddy '. With a wide array of young talented producers including Vidal Davis (Jill Scott) and Steve 'Stone' Huff (Chante Moore, Monifah) on board, this album has all the makings to be a million seller for Dave but whether the general sees it that way remains to be seen.

Other notables include the bouncy 'Keep on Lovin ', 'Take care of home ', 'You can't  say ', 'Don't take my girl away ' and 'I'm not complete '. All round a great set of songs and if you would like to hear more of them then be sure to tune in to my internet radio show 'The Menu' on Mixx96fm.com (9 - 11am est) for I will be playing songs from this album quite often. A worthy Ty-D Pick





Various Artists - Vibe Hits: (Arista)


A collection of the years biggest RNB and Rap tracks  are on display here ranging from newcomer Carl Thomas with his smash hit 'I wish ' to undergound rapper Pharoah Monch's 'Simon said '.

Not to shabby also are hits from Donnell Jones - 'You know what's up ',  Faith Evans - All Night Long ',  Next - 'Wifey ', Tyrese - 'Sweet Lady ' and the remix of TLC's 'Unpretty ' plus the anthem charged Kelis track 'Caught out there ' (I hate you so much right now) all hailing from the Arista/Laface stable.

The trend for the record company nowadays would  be the year ending label compilation of their biggest hits (something that Japan, Europe and the UK has been doing for years) It's a great idea that helps generate interest in the artist as well as the label themselves (case and point the 'Now that's what I call music ' series) Hopefully this one will make the rounds in your neck of the woods. A mos definite Ty-D Pick.





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