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Apr 1st 2005


Still growing - LemarLemar - Time to Grow: (Sony)


After scoring big with his debut single Dance with you and the folllow-ups 50/50, Another Day, Lullaby and All I ever do, (My Boo) all top ten hits for him in 2003, Lemar (whose's given name is Lemar Obika) debut set 'Dedicated' was fluke as some might think as it received critical acclaim by most in the music mag reviews. With that said he returns to centre stage with a new album and a new single, the moving ballad Time to Grow.

Taken from his sophomore album of the same name, Time to Grow deals with the strains of a failing relationship and that even though it hurts to leave, it's time to move on it's time to grow. The song has a positive message and for the most part has it's moments as it shows that he has grown as both a singer and a performer.

The young man first came to the public's attention after he entered the BBC's Fame Academy contest 3 years ago and although he didn't win (he came in third behind eventual winner David Sneddon and runner-up Sinead Quinn) it didn't detir him from persuing his career as a singer.

The offers didn't come right away as he thought with the recognition of the show but he would eventually sign with Sony and the rest as they say is history. Although the now 26-year-old bank account manager who was born and raised in London has as they say 'made it', he still wishes his mother was here to see his success (he lost her to cancer in 2003). With his success came opportunitity in the form of acting as he made his major film debut in the movie 'De Lovely' a bio pic about the life of legendary songwriter Cole Porter which starred Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd.

This young mans future looks very bright indeed and with the sophomore set surpassing his debut in sales let's you know that he will be around for some time yet.- a TY-D Pick.

Listen to Lemar's - 'Time To Grow'

Sir TY






Nice Groove- The Foriegn ExchangeThe Foriegn Exchange - Nic's Groove (BBE)


Here I am again discovering a new act that is rap but not just your average rap act. The Foriegn Exchange is no ordinary rap act heck, even their coming together as a group is out of the ordinary.

You see as legend has it, the story goes like this. One fine day a couple of fellas were conversing online in the OKPlayer.com chat room community. These guys soon found out they shared a commom interest - rap and music. They came up with an idea, let's make a record and so the two started brainstorming ideas for tracks.

These two geezers for the next year would trade tracks online judging each other's material until a platform was set for what would be on the album. Now keep in mind that these blokes have never met, never talked on the phone none of that, they had the passion and that 'other stuff' just wasn't important at that time.

Phonte of Little Brother fame (vocals) and Nicolay (drums, bass, keys, guitars and samples) now allies in a medium known to break and create formed The Foriegn Exchange not knowing that they literally worlds apart from each other as Nicolay is based in the Netherlands and Phonte in Raleigh, NC. They know that they have something good and was ready to get it heard. They would ink a distribution deal with BBE and the critics are loving what they are hearing.

The track on review here today is Nic's Groove which really embodies what their music is all about. The marriage of the various musical cultures are evident with hop, R&B and soul all well represented but what catches your listening ear is the melody and the hook both equally captivating in their own right. A solid bass and the introduction of soft morg keys drive home the lyrics that get's your head nodding - a great track throughout

An excellent introdcution to what in store for you on the debut set called 'Connected' (available at BBE's website for just £10). If you like to listen to some quality rap tunes then this set is for you. I suggest you get a copy quick - A TY-D Pick period.

Listen to The Foriegn Exchange - 'Nic's Groove'

Sir TY




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