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Mar 1st 2005


Beautifully redone - LedisiLedisi & Boney James - My Sensitivity (Gets in the way): (GRP)


When it comes to tribute albums, nine times out of ten you really get your money's worth. You get a great disc that has some of that singers best body of work, performed by some of todays top talent in their respective fields and such is the case with the song on review here today.

The song I'm referring to is My Sensitivity (Gets in the way), an old classsic from the 80s (and a personal favourite of mines) of Luther Vandross sung by the very talented and the very lovely Ledisi with the ever popular saxaphone presence of Boney James at the helm. As is the norn with great material, the work seems effortless as the music speaks for itself. Boney's playing is masterful, a performer who really draws you in with his playing but equaling the task, the 'strength' (as it were) on this tune clearly belongs to Ledisi's velvet toned voice that is just such a delight to listen to. A grin from ear to ear becomes you and can't help but close your eyes, bop your head ever so slightly and soak it all in the moment she starts to sing. The song's production is key (layed down by one of Luther's long time producers Rex Rideout) as it is given a shot in the arm of todays urban 'neo-soul' flavour.

Now for those of you who doesn't know who Ledisi is, well let me tell you this talented songstress hails from New Orleans, Loiusiana but moved to Oakland California when she was 10. Her mother was a singer herself and her father was a guitar player so it was only natural that Ledisi would find herself wanting to be involved in music in some form or another. Her mother opened her ears to the wonder of music growing up from classical to jazz and all likes in between.

She attended U.C Berkeley's Young Musicians Program where she studied opera and piano and before that was involved in gospel but her true calling was in jazz. She would next take it up a notch by being a featured cast member in Steve Silver's Beach Blanket Babylon in San Francisco where she would stay for over eleven years (leaving in 2003) and started her own bands during her stay there. Ledisi joined a band called Slide 5 that was prominant in the acidjazz scene but knew she wanted to be a singer in her own right so she left the group after 2 years to form her own band which she called Anibade (pronounced a-nee-bah-day, the meaning being 'my mother is great’ in Yoruba) which incidently is her given middle name. Ledisi and the band garnered critical acclaim for performances which marriage the soulful, energetic and seductive mixture of R&B, Jazz and Funk. They would soon gather a cult like following with fans all over the world.

The song can be found on the album is called 'Forever, For Always for Luther', a grand compilation piece that features some of the best jazz musicians around today, I mean the cliental on this set is just top draw and really doesn't get any better, Richard Elliot (Tenor Saxophone), Brandon Fields (Saxophone) Boney James (Tenor Saxophone) David Koz (Alto Saxophone) Kirk Whalum (Tenor Saxophone) and Rick Braun (Flugelhorn) are just a few that appears on the album which is absolute magic.

The new set is in a record shop near you now so if you're a fan of Luther's music and you love jazz and soul in your mix then I do recommend this one for your listening ear - a TY-D Pick indeed.

Listen to Ledisi & Boney James - 'My Sensitivity (Gets in the way)'

Sir TY






All purpose performer -Honey Soul Music.Honey Soul Music - Yes (CD-R)


Newcomer Honey Soul Music is the alter ego brain child of all round talent and muitlmedia phenon Rob Sauthoff. Now you might be asking yourself just who is this guy Rob Sauthoff.

Long Island native Rob is an inspiring writer who is on the verge of making things happen and he does just that. He seized his opportunity in putting his talent to work as a journalist where he has given exposure to some of the top upcoming R&B artists on the verge of making their mark as well as established ones such as Case, Musiq and Slum Village. With that wealth of words ability thriving songwriting was the next progression and his approach to music the natural selection - simply put it's real as it is heartfelt. And it doesn't stop there either he's also an event coordinator and promoter where he helps provide a platform for underground artists to perform their live shows. It's obvious the man wears a lot of hats and says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

''I love listening to music and in turn, because it is what I am most passionate about, anything I do – from my writing to the events to articles – really revolves around providing a space for quality music to be heard'' Sauthoff says. His influence in music comes from some of music's best ''It was Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Peabo Bryson and Chaka Khan that did it for me. I was drawn in by their music. I would write, produce and sing all original songs'' Sauthoff says. ''It was never a question for me as a performer, that I would sing my own songs that I wrote''.

In his short career he's had writing collaborations with Delilah Harris, Jarrard Anthony, Karen Bernod, Rych and Charisse Arrington to name a few.

The track on display today is the soulful ballad called 'Yes'. Yes sees another newcomer singer Terell Carr on lead vocals as he delves into the words Rob wrote with a passionate conviction and delivers a stern yet smooth vocal performance. The ingredients to make this song a hit is there in the making with soft morg keys, a heart felt baseline and tight production across the board. Yes should find a home on any of the top radio stations playlist across the country.

Rob is definitely on his way little by little as edge closer to realising his dream as well as writing material for other artists. To think that he's unsigned too. Look out for this young man on the rise. A TY-D Pick.

Listen to Honey Soul Music - 'Yes'

Sir TY




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