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Feb 15th 2005


Business as usual -Brian McKnightBrian McKnight - Grown Man's Business: (Motown)


As the saying goes 'like a fine wine he only get better with time' well that can definitely be said for the one and only Brian McKnight. Mr McKnight has been chruning out hit after hit for the better part of 13 years now ever since appearing on the musicscene in 1992 with the sultry ballad 'One Last Cry' and has no intention of slowing down either.

He has recorded with some of the biggest names in popular music today from Willie Nelson to Nelly, Vanessa Williams to Kenny G to name a few. He's had platinum and multi-platinum records including the triple platinum selling 'Back At One' and the double platinum 'Anytime' respectively not to mention winning an American Music, Soul Train and NAACP Image Award.

It's evident that the brother is very talented and and now the silver tongued baritonest is back with a brand new track called 'Grown Man's Business' taken from his brand new album Genimi named after his astrologal sign

The song really catered to the musical lover of young and old as evident with the sample used (the Marcus Miller 80s classic track Much Too Much for those of you who remember the original). Armed with this classic groove, the song finds the singer in superb form as he turns out a sterling performance on both the vocal, writing and producing aspect.

As ever, he's always improving his method of technique, originality and style with every project he does and this one is another shining example of the kind of quality this singer puts out in his music.

The new set is in a record shop near you now so I do urge you to pick up a copy. His music has always been steady from jump and very rarely has he put out a bad effort (at least not from I can remember) so I do recommend this one for your listening ear - a TY-D Pick indeed.

Listen to Brian McKnight - 'Grown Man's Business'

Sir TY






They're ready - Mint ConditionMint Condition - I'm Ready (Caged Bird Records)


Mint Condition now where have these guys been the last few years. It seems that they were gone from public view after their arrival in the early 90s and was there for a few years then in the mid to late 90s - they were gone not to be heard of (or at least that's what most thought).

What's the story well, that they never really left. Ever since signing to Perspective Records in 1991 and having their successful massive debut with '(Breaking My Heart) Pretty Brown Eyes' from the album Meant to be Mint they've now departed from the label after recording 3 albums (Meant to be Mint, The Mint Factory and Definition of A Band) and went to Elektra where they recorded 'Life's Aquarium'. They are now taking the independant label route where I'm glad to say they have a new album getting set to be released in the next few months. They've been keeping themselves busy throughout their time by touring the country and the world.

Now onto the matter at hand and the new record - I'm Ready. Well it's a ballad and it definitely has all the traits of the classic Mint Condition track. Instrumentation is key in their development as a band and it's high on the agenda here. Stokely Williams has never sounded better (I bet it doesn't hurt that he can harmonize with his wife - singer Toni Braxton on background as well).

They are well known for the influences in their music from african rhythms to cuban beats not to mention jazz overtones and it's safe to say that in certain aspects they are found in this beautiful ballad that's sure to please their alluring fans worldwide.

The new album called 'Liviní The Luxury Brown' will be released in April (a tentitive street date for the 26th is rumored) so if you're a fan of their music as I am then you most definitely want to have this one on your home or car playlist - look out for it. A TY-D Pick.

Listen to Mint Condition - 'I'm Ready'

Sir TY




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