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Dec 15th 2004


Teddy reincarnation - JahiemJahiem- Worlds Apart: (Warner Bros)


The millenniun's version of one of my favourite singers Teddy Pendergrass, Jahiem has notched his way into the hearts of many R&B fans everywhere with his soulful music that's often been compared to the great fore mentioned but he has returned to the forefront of the soul scene with this latest effort Worlds Apart.

Ever since his debut hits Could it be and Anything (featuring Next) back in 2001, this New Jersey baritone crooner has steadily become one of R&B's true statesman winning the hearts of fans both young and old. His story is not like no other. He started out winning talent shows in his native New Jersey and was ganering rave reviews from admirers but sad news soon followed as he lost one of his parents (he lost his dad at the age of 2). Losing his mother was hard When I lost my mom, it felt like Id lost everything, he reveals. I didnt have the strength to go on pursuing my career

Now faced with a decision of whether to carry on singing he found it within himself to move forward, ''I realized it was what she would have wanted. Doing it for her was what gave me the determination to push it all the way. Its like shes up there, guiding my every step along the path. Singing was my way out, no matter how hard life got, I could always make myself and my Mom feel better with a song. It was our salvation."says the 23 year old. His singing caught the attention of Naughty by Nature DJ and producer Kay Gee who wasted no time in singing the singer to his Divine Mills label and eventually landing him on Warner Brothers.

He's not been quiet in the three plus years since his sophomore set 'Still Ghetto' was released. He's been touring the country and appearing on tracks like Nelly (My Place - a remake of the Teddy P classic). He's also picked up a BET award for Best Male Artist tieing with R-Kelly in the same category last year.

Worlds Apart is a shining example of what we've grown to expect from Jahiem, a groove very much the man's repatoire. Solid in statue and body the song has all the tributes that makes it in this day and age, with excellent production provided by Kay Gee this beauty has hit written all over it and will surely notch another top ten status for the singer.

No word on whether he's in the studio finishing up on a new album or when the album will be released but you can bet one thing's for certain his fans will be happy once it arrives- a TY-D Pick.

Listen to Jahiem - 'Worlds Apart'

Sir TY






A sweet as a rose - AshantiAshanti ft Ja Rule - Turn it Up (Inc Records)


The first lady of Irv Gotti's Inc Records, (formally Murder Inc), Ashanti Douglas has shined like a rose in the last 3 years with hit after hit so it's no coincidence that the pint sized singer latest release is called 'Concrete Rose'.

Most would think that she's an overnight sensation but that's so far from the truth of the matter. In truth in's taken her the better part of 10 years to get to this point and all the effort and hard work is now paying dividends for her.

Her story starts at 13 years old where she got signed to Jive Records at the age of 14. The label was trying to mold her into the Britney pop diva iamge and that kind of music, but Ashanti wasn't feeling that aspect of the business and being that young she didn't want to be on that path so she left.

For several years she struggled as she saw the likes of Aaliyah, Brandy and Monica carve a name for themselves in the R&B world. She received scholarships from Princeton and Hampton but turned them down as she believed that strongly in her ability to make it as a singer. Then in making an appearance with Big Pun "How We Roll", Murder Inc's Irv Gotti offered to sign her and the rest as they say is history.

Turn it up teams her with label mate Ja Rule once again (the song also appears on his latest release - ) and has the signature marriage of the 70s groove with today's modern treatment. A solid output for the young lass who's staying true to the formula that has worked for her so well in the pass.

Should be another top twenty chart climber for the singer who rumor has it is seeing rapper Nelly.. A TY-D Pick.

Listen to Ashanti ft: Ja Rule - 'Turn It Up'

Sir TY




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