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Dec 1st 2004


Another excellent comp - Soul 2gatherness04Various Artists - Soul Togetherness 2004: (Expansion)


UK music label Expansion Records have churned out several highly rated compilations over the years but their 'top of the comp' for me has to be none other than their Soul Togetherness series.

Label owners Richard Searling and Ralph Tee has the uncanny knack of selecting some of the finest musical gems of the year as well as a few select choices from yesteryear to delight your listening ear and wet your musical taste buds.

Tracks range from one of the late Rick James last works in 'Taste' (which opens the set) to The Sunburst Bands 'Everyday'. Sandwiched in between are some soulful trasures from yeaterday with Flowers excellent soul anthem 'For Real' not to mention Bill Harris's rare groover 'Am I Cold, Am I Hot?'

On review today is a stunning track from a stunning voice belonging to none other than Miss Chante Moore. 'Amazing' has all the modern era sophistication for today's audience graced with Chante's sultry voice as the presidence. The song was never released but found it's way on a greatest hits collection out of Japan. It really got it's notority as a 'mystery track' on UK's Solar Radio recently before it was revealed as an actual track from Chante by former Soul 24-7 and 'connoisseurs club' DJ Geoff Bingham.

Other fine moments on the disc include Nathan Prime - Knowing You (R'n'Groove Mix), Venus Tribe - Slow Down (8 Jam Mix), Trina Broussard - Not Around and We the People - Making My Daydream Real.

The album is out now and one for you to put on your christmas shopping list I can assure you, well worth the money - a TY-D Pick.

Listen to Chante Moore - 'Amazing'

Sir TY






The Avila Bros - I Want You (ABX Records)


Their name it sounds familiar right so just who are the Avila Brothers? Well they are a brother duo who has written and produced for some of the biggest stars in the industry, I mean their resume of artists they've worked with are the who's who of the pop and R&B world, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Kenny Lattimore, Chante Moore and Macy Gray are just a few that bears their writing creditility on their work.

With that kind of exposure behind him, it was just a matter of time before Bobby and IZ would come into their own and have with their debut release 'I Want You' taken from their debut album 'The Mood: Souudsational'. Bobby has been in the spotlight from an early age having had a couple of hit songs at the age of 13 (in 1989, he had hits with 'I'm your Puppet' and 'Let's Stay Together') and 5 solo albums including the recently released 'Audiography' while his brother IZ has been writing and producing songs alongside him as well as playing drums on tour with Macy Gray.

They both honed their writing credits early under the gloved one's label MJJ Records in the early 90s and they've been off and running ever since, writing and producing for commericial ads, film scores and artists alike.

The track 'I Want You' is a stellar remake of the Marvin Gaye classic of the 70s. Beautifully crafted with todays modern technology, the duo has delivered a song that really shines on it's won merit not overdoing the original but at the same time adding a touch of their own personna to the mix. The track is excellently produced and warrents radio PD everywhere to take note of this one.

A terrific song from a duo that's worthy of their aculades - absolute top draw. The album should hit your record store shleves in the spring. Another TY-D Pick for your listening ear.

Listen to The Avila Brothers - 'I Want You'

Sir TY




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