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Nov 15th 2004


Bringing Asian R&B to the massive - Jay SeanJay Sean - One Minute: (EMI UK)


The UK soul scene is booming. The likes of newcomers Joss Stone, Jamie Scott and Amy Winehouse are large and in charge out there right now and with the emergence of the Asian style panjani beats coming to light, it was just a matter of time before there was to be a first asian R&B singer.

That singer is Jay Sean, the UK's first Asian crossover superstar. Sean's story is one of premise and promise. The promise was that he was heading for a promising career in the medical field before he realised what his premise was and what he wanted to do more than anything else - make music.

"I started rapping 11 years ago," Sean remembers. "I was in a group called Compulsive Disorder, it was a punk-rap group. We got ourselves a few gigs and when DJs such as Choice FMs 279 played it, we received a lot of local notoriety." But then the focus shifted to the colour of his skin rather than his music and rap not thriving as much as it was here in the US, he decided to switch to the R&B arena. "Hip hop was my first love, but as soon as I got into producing, R&B became my mistress. As a teenager, I grew up on a cocktail of music. I was surrounded by a lot of different influences from black, white and Asian friends," says the 22 year old.

Key to the success of the under the radar star was his partnership with UK superproducer Rishi Rich (responsible for producing hits for the likes of Mis-teeq and Beverlei Knight) As Jay puts it - "Some close friends heard an early song I wrote called 'One Minute'. Rishi Rich was one of the people that heard it. I had heard about him through the streets. When we met he asked me to sing for him on the spot! Rishi told his management about me, and on the strength of my impromptu performance, they wanted me to join their crew."

Rishi put his winning ways on the album and the finished product is the debut set 'Me against Myself'. The song on review today is the fore mentioned 'One Minute' - a soothing and mellow desi beat/R&B groover that has hit written all over it. Lush production given by Rishi is evident but it's Jay's vocal presence is the highlight of the song - very posied, polished and by all standards very musch not a rookie effort.

The album called Me against Myself is out now and you can bet your bottom dollar that it will claim top ten status before years end - a TY-D Pick.

Listen to Jay Sean - 'One Minute'

Sir TY






Big things ahead - Mark RonsonMark Ronson ft: Aya - High (Warner Bros)


New York DJ Mark Ronson has come through the ranks very quickly. He was a fairly humble up and coming jock making the rounds on the DJ circuit before he got noticed and was the DJ of choice for the likes of P.Diddy and Jay Z.

With that kind of notoriety coming, it was clear the next logical step was to produce his own remixes and clients came a knocking soon after. The likes of Outkast, Moby, Nelly Furtado and Nikki Costa to name a few (the last mentioned he co-produced the album and label exects took notice).

With that said he got himself a shot at making his very own debut album. He called upon producers and collaborators he was huge fans of and they were only too willing to oblige. The list is impressive...Aya, Sean Paul, White Stripes frontman Jack White, Ghostface Killah, Freeway, Anthony Hamilton, Nate Dogg, Q Tip, Tweet as well as Mos Def and Nikka Costa

The lead off single 'Ooh Wee' features Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg & Trife and was a hit right off. The track I'm reviewing here is 'High' featuring one of my favourite female vocalists Aya (did I mention she's also very beautiful). The song itself is a cross between soul and house with Mark utilizing Aya's sensual vocals very well. The baseline is solid classic house beat and the production is right on point.

She has the potential to be one of the best of this year (and the new year with her debut album 'Strange Flower' being one of my top ten best album released this year) and she's serving notice to the rest of the world that she's a voice to be reckon with.

Great song from a young man destined for great things and as for Aya well I can't sing enough praises about her - absolute top draw. Another TY-D Pick for your listening ear.

Listen to Mark Ronson ft: Aya - 'High'

Sir TY




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