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Nov 1st 2004


'Just' that good - Jamie ScottJamie Scott - Just (Soulchild rmx): (Sony UK)


With the end of the year coming to a close, most music artists whether old or new normally hold off releasing their new material until the new year comes round but that's not the case for this up and coming talent from my native UK.

His name is Jamie Scott, a 21 year old caucasian singer/songwriter from the suburbs of Surrey, UK who's making a name for himself in his native land and looks to do the same here in the states with his debut release 'Soul Searching' (Sony Music - UK).

As a youngster, Jamie grew up obsessed with music (and still is to this day). He has fond memories of playing his parents' collection of classic albums from the 60s and 70s and was very much influenced by them. "I'm lucky that I've never listened to a lot of pop radio so I haven't been influenced by that. All I've listened to all my life is old school. And when you don't listen to modern day music and you're reared on a constant diet of Marvin and Stevie and Donnie Hathaway, you develop an ear for a tune. That's all I've ever been interested in." said Jamie on a recent interview.

With that kind of listening ear, the talented singer has emerged himself as a fine songwriter too writing material meant to be sung by others. Jamie sent off a demo tape to labels with the intention of seeking a publishing deal and not a recording contract. Said Jamie "The publishers got back the next day and wanted to sign me. Then within a week I got offered a better deal by someone else. But both of them liked my voice and said I should be singing the songs myself."

So he did and would sign with Sony Music in late 2002. With the deal in place, the next step was to find himself a producer. By some strange coincidence, Jamiraquai's Toby Smith had just left the group and was looking for new projects, they met and hit it off immediately and so they team up. The result is the debut album from Jamie called 'Soul Searching'.

The lead off single from the album is 'Just', a refreshing yet sombering, feels good number that is deliberately suave in structure and yet confident but diverse in it's delivery. Jamie's vocals shines throughout the song, while the production is given top notch priority. Although it's original format is acoustic, the version on display here today is the 'Soulchild rmx' that borrows the baseline groove from Musiq's 'ForTheNight' track. A well balanced effort from the youngster who writes with depth and feeling when it comes to his music.

"With a lot of r&b today, you take away the beat and you don't have a track," Jamie says. "For me the song always comes first. I write on the guitar. I don't sit down at the computer and get a groove and then try to graft a song onto it. I always start with a song and that's the basis of everything I do."

The album called Soul Searching is due out in the first quarter of next year and you can bet that with tracks like this, the album is bound to climb the charts. One for the Christmas shopping list me thinks - a TY-D Pick for sure.

Listen to Jamie Scott - 'Just (Soulchild rmx) '

Sir TY






Like father, liek daughter - Lalah HathawayLalah Hathaway - Forever, For Always, For Love (Mesa Bluemoon/Pyramid)


With the genes possessed in this young lady's body, the talent was inevitable. You see Lalah Hathaway is the older daughter of the legendary singer/songwriter Donnie Hathaway whom as most expected and know, has followed in her fathers footsteps to become a very talented singer herself.

Music has always been a precedent in the household for Lalah who often accompanied and saw her father perform from an early age. The young Lalah would be intrigued by it all but would not venture into the genre until she was older (in her 20s to be precise).

She would sign with Virgin Records and in 1990 would release her acclaimed self titled debut album. The album would be a big hit for her as she scored big with tracks like 'Heaven Knows', 'Something' and 'Baby, Don't Cry' all gaining steady air play on both the airwaves and in the clubs. It would be some two years later before her sophomore set would be released, That was Nite and Day and then 2 years later came the album A Moment was out, all of which was released through Virgin, all of which gained glowing reviews.

Then for 5 years she was on hiatus but not entirely out of the music scene as she would do tours and performances with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Hiram Bullock, Mary J. Blige as well as penning tracks for the soundtracks 'Blankman' and 'Ladies Man' and it wasn't until 1999 when she joined the legendary Joe Sample—jazz veteran of The Crusaders fame — on the album 'The Song Lives On;

But now she's back with a new label (the same label as Maysa Leak is on in Mesa/BlueMoon) and a new album called 'Outrun the Sky'. The album contains some lovely renditions and new material for the masses and fans alike I'm sure is more than happy to see her return to the fray.

The track I've chosen to review is one of those renditions, the gorgeous reworks of Luther Vandross 'Forever, For Always, For Love'. The pennship is superb as most expected (seeing that it's a Luther track) but her delivery on the song is the highlight here. Exquisite in her vocal performance she guides through each note with crisp expertise and vigor to maintain the highest order. It's what you've come to expect from a singer of her caliber and she does not disappoint.

The album can be summed up to being one of the years best in most minds and is in stores now so if you're a fan of good soul music then you might want to add this one to your Christmas shopping list. Another TY-D Pick for your listening ear.

Listen to Lalah Hathaway - 'Forever, For Always, For Love'

Sir TY




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