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Oct 15th 2004


'Mama' sounds good - LinaLina - Come to Mama: (Hidden Beach)


I first was introduced to this young lady's music back in 2001 with her debut set 'Stranger on Earth'. Upon listening to her, I have to say I was impressed her vocals were stunning and quite frankly lives upto the comparisons of the legends Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughn.

The sexy singer/songwriter also had a few minor underground hits on her hands then with 'Playa No More' and 'It's Alright' but never really made it to mainstream success. Three years later and having taking it all in stride, the young songstress has returned with her sophomore album on Hidden Beach and a compilation album called, 'Save Your Soul'.

The project will be the first release from her new record label MoodStar Recordings (she was formally with Atlantic) and will feature a variety of musical genres, including her now signature sound - a fusion of 30s big band jazz, R&B, Hip Hop & Swing

Growing up in a musical household, (her mother a singer and her father a guitarist), Lina wrote her first songs when she was eight, while rifling through her mum's prized record collection, the classics from the Thirties, Forties, and Fifties filled the house.

"I think Billie Holiday was my first love, there was just something about her approach to a song and the blues that she brought to everything she touched" said Lina on her website.

The track on review is 'Come On, Mama', a delicious slice of rhythnic soul music to wet your musical appetite. Starting off with a touch of some jazz horns, a thumping baseline follows as Lina's sultry voice enters ever so smoothly to give you a song that stays with yuo once you listen to it - it really has that kind of quality about it.

No name or release date on the album as of yet but you can bet that with tracks like this, the album is bound to please the listening ear. One to look out for I'm sure - aTY-D Pick (period)

Listen to Lina - 'Come to, Mama'

Sir TY






Doing the song justice - Queen LatifahQueen Latifah - I put a spell on you (Interscope)


You know she can rap (remember her first major hit 'Ladies First'), you know she can act (remember her in her first big role in 'Set it Off') and ever since her appearance in the movie 'Chicago', you know that she can sing - I mean my girl can really sing. Whom am I referring to you might be asking yourself - why it's the 'Queen' of ocurse, Queen Latifah that is.

The busty rapper/actress turned singer was always known to the hip hop world as the 'first lady of rap' with her hit 'Ladies First' making waves back in the mid to late 80s but if you askd yourself then that she would become a singer in her own right you might shun it off as 'think not' but she is and has now released a brand new CD of classic standards amply entitled 'The Dana Owens Story' (the singers given name) out now on Interscope Records. The CD showcases the Queen's impressive vocal range as she tackles popular standards and numbers from the past 50 years.

On display from the CD today is the beautiful cover of the Nina Simone classic 'I Put A Spell On You'. If you're familiar with the original song then you'll be really impressed with Dana's version. She really has captured the mood and the moment of the era with her soothing almost breezy vocals over the 40s big jazz orchestral sound.

The set, gears to add another notch to the already impressive stable body of work for the lovely lady who's stock just continues to grow more and more with each projects she does. You can get to listen to some of the songs from the album on her website www.queenlatifah.com.

The New Jersey native is very busy nowadays with the CD out she's also got a new movie in theatres called 'Taxi' (with Jimmy Fallon). Another TY-D Pick for your listening ear

Listen to Queen Latifah - 'I put a spell on you'

Sir TY




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