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Oct 1st 2004


Smooth Groove - Boney JamesBoney James ft: Dwele - Break of Dawn: (Warner Bros)


I'm a huge fan of jazz music, even though it's birth was here in the states, it saddens me to see it's origin and art form is still not appreiciated as much as it is in my hometown of London, England or Europe for that matter where fans are truly loyal to the masses of the genre.

With that testiment said I'm glad to see that the one and only Boney James has a new album out. I've followed Boney's career ever since discovering his playing on Bobby Caldwell records back in the 70s. The man can blow a wicked tune with the saxophone and you'd be hard pressed to find a better player of one who marriages the R&B and smooth-jazz vibe.

The song on display today happens to be one of many excellent tracks on the album and to choose just one was again proven to be a daunting task but this song just stood out as one that has all the genres available - soul, jazz R&B and a touch of funk as well. Over the years Boney has always put himself in good company when it came to vocalists on his tracks, he's worked with some of the best from Al Jarreau to Shai. This time around he's teamed up with Detroit's native child Dwele. Break of Dawn has the Dwele signature stamp all over it with the use of moorg keys and steller baritone vocals and Boney's smooth saxophone playing being the highlight of the piece.

This album was a bit more of a personal journey for Boney after losing his brother earlier in the year. " My brother was a huge part of my life. One of the positive things I learned through losing my brother is that you'd better grab for it while you can," he says. "It made me proactive about everything. I don't procrastinate anymore. And if I get an idea, I go for it."

"The great joy of Pure is that I made all the decisions about everything. I was always confident in making music, but I was curious too, and a lot of times in the past I couldn't address that. I used to like to work with other producers because I felt I had too many ideas, as if I was undisciplined. But on this record I allowed myself to explore even some of my crazier ideas. A lot of them turned out to reflect more of my true musical sensibility than anything else I'd ever done."

The album 'Pure' is in stores now so if you're a fan of jazz oe even if you're not you might want togive this one a listen to. Its excellently produced by Boney himself who serves as both producer and co-songwriter. A great track from a teriffic album and should see Boney score himself a Grammy - aTY-D Pick (period)

Listen to Boney James ft: Dwele - 'Break of Dawn'

Sir TY






Do say it - NSMNSM (New Sector Movements) - Don't say it (Virgin)


What can I say about my native British soul music except that it's the bomb and by far outshines it's counterparts here in the states. The reason for the recent blossoming of the R&B music in the UK soul scene can be attributed to one man and his moniker - IG Culture aka NSM.

The New Sector Movement (or NSM as he's known nowadays) is the brainchild of IG Culture, a local English DJ turned producer who's made a name for himself on the London undergroud circuit. He's the one who's responsible for bringing the term 'Broken Beat' to the forefront as his own creation and most found that out with Culture's debut set under the MSN moniker (2001's 'Download This') the album gave the listening audience a jazz funk/club oriented record seasoned with house jems throughout. Tracks like 'The Sun' (the Dwele remix) and the title track lit up dance floors across the UK and Europe.

IG had always had a vision - to make music that transends the vibe to the listener, to the soul of their very being. He learned his craft well and studied the various forms endlessly throughout from his youth and to this present day listening to the legends of the genres including Shuggie Otis, Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock.

Proving his talent is worthy of his skills, as he puts it "The next stage of NSM takes in all of my musical experiences, hones them into new and strong songs that tell where I am from, where I am at, and where I am going." With that kind of thought process driving him, you know this young man is destined for big things so the next step for him was linking up with Dodge City Productions in the early 90s. "Everything that England has been soaking up over all these years, I am about. If it's in the dance, then I am all over it. Be it the sound-clash to the sampled beat." said IG.

The lead off single 'Don't Say It' is a testiment to English R&B/Soul music. The music speaks for itself as it really delivers. A modern beat 2-step groove over neo-soul like beats with vocals from a young singer I'm not aware of makes this track a massive winner with me. A undenying modern day classic from the proven school of British Soul is where this record champions in my opinion.

The album (called Turn it Up) is available now at the following fine record shops (free standing or online) Amazon, Sam Goody, FYE or Dusty Groove. Another TY-D Pick for your listening ear

Listen to NSM (New Sector Movements) - 'Don't say It'

Sir TY




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