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July 1st 2004


A true talent - Trina BrousaardTrina Broussard - Same Girl: (Motown/Univ)


This month reviews showcases two young women who possess extraordinary talent and are equipped with exceptional voices. First up is Trina Broussard who's name likely falls under one of those phrases of ''now where did I hear her name before?''. It's most likely that you heard her on the Love Jones soundtrack back in 97 where her rendition of Minnie Rippleton's 'Inside My Love' was not only moving but breathtaking as well.

Her story can be traced back to her native land of Houston, TX and her parents who are both top musicians in their own right. Her mother was a jazz singer while her father played guitar with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker and the legendary Donny Hathaway. In her household the one thing that wasn't lacking was the love of music and with the encouragement of her parents Trina decided to pursue her musical career and head for Atlanta, GA to do it.

It was here that she would hone her craft singing background vocals for Bobby Brown, Pebbles, Babyface, Toni Braxton, Be Be & CeCe Winans and Mariah Carey. Speaking of Mariah she met with singer Trey Lorenz (who was also a background singer for Mariah) and the two quickly became good friends and started to make a name for themselves with his singing and her songwriting. Word of mouth got to Jermaine 'JD' Dupri who signed her to his So So Def label in 99. She made her debut album 'Inside My Love' on the label but for reason/s unknown to most, it was shelved said Trina of the incident ''I was disappointed that we had got to the threshold and somehow things just didn't work out,''

Not one to be tainted by this, she would leave So So Def and is now signed to Motown Records who has released her sophomore set and first for the label 'Same Girl' (it dropped on June 22nd). Her angelic voice shines through with each track on the album given exquisite attention to her vocal range. Produced by Gordon 'Commissioner' Williams (Lauryn Hill), Jamey Jazz and Trina herself, the album unites some of today's top R&B talent to come together and collaborate. Rahsaan Patterson, Van Hunt, Nicole Wray and old friend Trey Lorenz all lend their vocal talents to the project and as you can tell with that kind of talent on board, the music speaks for itself.

''I needed to make an album that represented me. I'm the same girl that goes through ups and down, I'm the same girl that can relate to anything on every level from weight issues to man issues and not come out defeated'', says Trina. The album starts off with the mid tempo groove 'These are the Days' which reminisce on the good old days of the past. Next is the title track (of sorts) 'Still the Same Girl' - a lovely song with great production, a well written track that deals with personal demons not effecting you. 'Dreaming of One' is a delightful ballad that has that 70s feel to it, both soothing and relaxing as a whole (very much reminisce of The Isley Bros 'Groove with You').

The lead off single is 'Losing my Mind' another ballad that delivers on all fronts. Soft guitar strings acoustics are accomplemented by a tender baseline throughout. Trina's powerful vocals are steadily driven like a fully equipped Jaguar to highlight this tasty move slow song and should find a home on PD's playlist. Other notables include 'Joy', 'Will Things Ever Be The Same' 'Out/Gone' and 'Just Another Way'.

A terrific return from a singer who's excellent really shows in her work. For most she'll be regarded with the accolade as 'One to look out for in 2004' but for me she's always been here and always will. You can get the album at Amazon or SamGoody - A TY-D Pick (period)

Listen to Trina Broussard - 'Losing my Mind'

Listen to Trina Broussard - 'Dreamin' of One'

Sir TY






Long hiatus - Adriana EvansAdriana Evans - Remember Love (Battles of the Beat rmx) (Next Thing Ent.)


One of my favourite albums has been Adriana Evans self-titled set from 1997. The album was considered a classic to me not a single bad track on the entire set and was labeled as the first 'Neo Soul' album for the most part (before Erykah Badu or Jill Scott) so I was truly anticipating her follow up. The years passed but no 2nd album so I was beginning to think that maybe she was a one-hit wonder.

But beknown to me was the facts. At the time of conception the fact that Adriana hated the same tried formula of the 90s R&B sound. The fact that she and her musical collaborator, Dred Scott decided to take their music in a completely different direction. Rather than sample, the use of real strings, horns and a tight rhythm section in other words 'live music' (something that's seldom used nowadays) was a revolutionary concept then.

With that in mind the San Francisco native took the last seven years to travel the world visiting countries like Mexico and Brazil to name a couple to bear her soul and gather her bearings before returning with her sophomore set and that she's done with a triumph return in 'Nomadic'

The album offers a collection of various musical styles ranging from Latin, Soul, Pop, R&B and Jazz. Adriana's dedication to her craft is of the highest quality and that is very evident on the first single 'Remember Love'. Offered here today is the Battles of the Beat remix that features a short rap intro (sounds like Pete Rock) but then it's all Adriana from there. She delivers a terrific performance on this well produced track that has all the trimmings to be a top ten hit for her. She really has an angelic voice which makes you want to listen to her again and again.

The album is available now on her own Next Thing Entertainment label and you can purchase it on her website www.adrianaevans.com or at the following fine record shop (free standing or online) Dusty Groove. A TY-D Pick indeed and one not to be missed. 

Listen to Adriana Evans - 'Remember Love'

Sir TY




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