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May 15th 2000

LL Cool J - Imagine that: (Def Jam)

Mr. Smith is back  with another floor mover that's sure to please the genders of young and old. There's nothing new in regards to experimenting a different angle but with clever lyrics and a wicked bassline to nod your head to, its LL at his best. If you're a fan of LL then you will love this track but if its hardcore you're looking for give this one a pass Taken from the forthcoming album G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) in stores this September.


Janet - Really doesn't matter: Nutty Professor 2 - The Klumps:  SDTK (Def Soul/Def Jam)

Janet (Ms Jackson if you're nasty) delivers in fine fashion on this catchy 1st single from the Nutty Professor - 2: The Klumps soundtrack. Her vocals comes across effortlessly on a song that was co-written with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

It starts off with a mellow intro that jumps into a rugged bass drop followed by Ms. Jackson doing what she does best belting out the lyrics with those pipes of hers. This record is a pleasing experience from start to finish and I guarantee that before long will infest the cyberspace airwaves and no doubtably the charts as well. Look out for my review on the soundtrack in next month's installment.


Sy Smith - Good and Strong: (Hollywood/Uni)

Taken from her debut effort Psykosoul the former 'Gap Girl' really took me by surprise because this record is good. Right off the bat you would think of her as a cross between Sade and  Lauryn Hill with a lil' Angie Stone thrown in between but she certainly holds her own with this record.

'Good and strong' gives you exactly what it suggests good vibes and strong lyrics that has some punch to it. Check this one out its definitely worth a listen.


Common featuring Jill Scott - Funky for you: (MCA)

Taken from his brilliant CD 'Like water for chocolate' 'Funky for you' is no surprise coming from Lonnie Rashid Lynn aka Common. Common's lyrical flow is effortless and Jill's sensuous voice is heaven (no doubt).

At first listen you'd think you've got on The Roots (they have production credits) but there's no mistaking Common's masterful flow and with Jill's voice to boot - it's a done deal. I would advise you to give the whole CD a good listen to also. Excellent track all round, this one's got my vote.


Tamia - Can't go for that: (Elektra)

Canadian native Tamia is back with a new look, track and record label. Her Elektra debut A Nu Day is due out October 10th but the single 'Can't go for that' is a bubbly dance track I'm sure will make most Contemporary/R+B radio playlists. The song borrows a hook from the Hall and Oaks hit of the same name but its definitely not a remake. This should be another hit for Ms. Tamia and we can only wait until the whole set is released to see if the album follows suit.


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