Jun 15th 2004


Getting props - Isley Bros






The Isley Bros ft: Esthero - Summer Breeze (Onda rmx) (Legacy/Epic)


What cannot be said about these legendary brothers who's been in the music industry for the better part of 40 years and still going strong I might add. The Isley Brothers are a six brother unit but in the beginning were the nucleus of 3 brothers O' Kelly Isley, Rudolph Isley and Ronald Isley. They were gospel singers to start and of the 3 younger siblings brother Vernon joined them as they sang locally in their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio in the early 50s. Vernon later died in a car crash in 1957 and at this time the brothers decided to moved to New York to pursue their dream.

It wouldn't take them long as they had great success there from the start with hits like 'Shout' and 'Twist and Shout' both records becoming standards in later years and was widely covered many times over by acts like Otis Day & The Knights and The Beatles respectively. In the 60s they started their own label T-Neck Records and their 1st release 'Testify' featured a then unknown Jimi Hendrix on lead guitar. The record was not accepted due to it's experimentation of new sounds and the two would part ways. The Brothers then signed with Motown and scored a hit with 'This Ol' Heart of Mine'.

In the late 60s, the two younger brothers Ernie and Marvin as well as cousin Chris Jasper joined the brothers and it's here that the group really flourished as they entered the 70s with a new look and attitude both physically and musically. They reestablished the T-Neck label with a flurry of albums and singles that should give them super stardom with tracks like 'That Lady' (updated version of the earlier hit of the early 60s), 'I've got work to do' as well as the ballad standards 'For the Love of You' and 'Voyage to Atlantis' and the rest is well as they say history.

Well with such patronage to an art form they love so passionately, comes the accolades and respect they so richly deserves for the body of work they've put forth... and with that said it's come full circle as they are truly honored here with a compilation of today's finest singers, rappers and producers paying homage to their legacy.

The set in question is 'Taken To The Next Phase (Reinterpretations)' a retrospective of their work remixed and restructured by the likes of ?uestLove (from The Roots), Steven 'Lenky' Marsden and the Ignorants

With the modern technology flair to their disposal, Summer Breeze is given a jolt of resurgence with Onda handling the production and remixing measures. Esthero's vocals are light yet crisp and sharp, very enduring to listen to and the song does a lot of justice to not taint the original with too many changes.

It's a lovely remake (as is the others offered on the 4 track 12 inch) and one I'm sure will keep their legends of fans happy as well as open the ears of new fans still not aware of their work. A worthwhile TY-D Pick for your listening ear. 


Listen to Isley Bros ft: Esthero - 'Summer Breeze' (Onda rmx)



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