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May 15th 2004


Real Music reborn - The Rebirth The Rebirth - This Journey in and Everybody say Yeah : (Kajmere)


It's been a lost art form of late - the live band. Hard to believe but true the live band has become a dinosaur in the industry replaced with electronic instruments and computers but wait there is a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel and that light is - The Rebirth

Although to most they are a new and upcoming live band, their journey has been years in the making. Their story of progression started in the early 90s, where leader and creator of the band Carlos Loslito, (himself a former keyboardist for the group The Breakestra) started getting into the Acid Jazz scene. The Brand New Heavies, Omar, Soul 2 Soul, Jamiroqui are just a few who has influenced him and his chosen path which inspired the young man to write and perform his own soulful music of similar taste.

With this came the 1st band - Mesh of Mind, who released their music on Planet Earth Recordings and Dorado records (home of Jhelisa). They never really caught the public eye and soon learned that America wasn’t quite ready for their music but stuck it out and it was during those times that some of the key band members sought out solo projects to make ends meet to start a side project. This 'project' soon became Ozomatli the Grammy Award Winning band who literally clicked from the word go. Soon after Mesh of Mind disbanded (for now) so that they could persue but also restructure their concept. The music had to be put on the shelves until hence, the name The Rebirth was reborn (so to speak).

The members of The Rebirth are multi-cultural, all having their various different backgrounds in music. There's drummer Chris 'C-Quest' Taylor (who was one of the original members from The Breakestra), percussion - Raul 'Lil Big Fat' Gonzalez, guitar - Patrick Bailey, bass - 'Electric' Gregory Malone, keyboardist - Mark Cross and vocalist Noelle Scaggs are the other 6 members who make up the band and when asked what drives them hte response - The music.

The songs themselves are what makes this band a blessing in disguise. All live, solid instrumentations of world class soul, jazz, rhythm and blues and funk all rolled into one excellent package of music bliss. From the first note to the last, This Journey In treats you to a musical experience, a massage of melodies like no other with lush, rich harmonies, caressing your listening ear. The same can be said for their follow-up single 'Everybody Say Yeah' one listen and you are hooked - this is music, music the way it's meant to be played and music the way it's meant to be heard.

I have the utmost high praise for this band for bringing back live music to the forefront - it's sorely missed and I hope that many more of their kind will follow in their footsteps - the foundation is there now the building needs to be built. You can buy their 12'' on their website www.therebirthlive.com If in your shoes, I would run not walk to get my copy. A true TY-D Pick indeed. 


Listen to The Rebirth's - 'This Journey In'

Listen to The Rebirth's - 'Everybody say yeah'



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