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May 1st 2004


 Juliette Leon - Unconditional/: (CD-R)


It's been no secret that the UK soul scene has been on the cutting edge. Its always seemingly been miles ahead of it's US counterparts where the music is concerned so you can always count on the UK soul scene to serve up the freshest talent from its mainland. One such talent making a presence for herself is Juliette ''Joolz'' Leon. Now if you're asking yourself why does her name sound familiar to you well it's because she was the lead singer of the up and coming trio Urban Vibe.

Well Juliette has since parted ways from Urban Vibe (with no hard feelings I might add) and is now embarking on a solo career of her own. Said Juliette of the situation - 'I needed to spread my wings, unfortunately we were in disagreeance about some remixing opportunities offered which I felt had held us back from progression'.

With that same mentality and progression in mind, Joolz soon stepped forward and laid down what is to be her first single 'Unconditional'. Produced by Darkman Productions (out of Birmingham City in the UK), 'Unconditional' tells the story of his Almighty's infinitive gift he (or she - however you look at it) shows to all of us and why is it that its not the same with us mortals.

The song itself deals with the simple fundamental of the modern era soul movement, nothing thrilling or fancy just a modest soul groove that you can sing or dance to while at the same time is given an injection of life into it's core with Joolz vocal chops at the helm. The lads at Darkman are on point with the production and leaves room for remixes in the process

Joolz is truly a diamond in the ruff. A talented singer and songwriter who can kick ass - literally (she's going for her black belt in Taekwondo next month) and is definitely headed in the right direction as she kick starts her solo career. One to listen out for so give it your ear will you. A true TY-D Pick indeed. 


Listen to Juliette Leon's - 'Unconditional'

Listen to Juliette Leon's - 'Take Me There'



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