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Mar. 15th 2004

Delightful Debut  - Carmen Rodgers Carmen Rodgers - Free: LP (Ryko)

In an arena that's literally bubbling over in the female neo-soul genre, newcomer Carmen Rodgers has found herself to fit in quite well.

The Dallas born native has always had ambitions to be a singer even from a very young age 'My mother said that I literally came out singing it was something that I've always done, she said I was singing honestly before I could talk' said Carmen in the recent interview I had with her.

With Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Minnie Ripperton and Whitney Houston serving as her major influences, she payed her dues as a background singer to N'Dambi another Dallas native (herself a former background singer to the town's biggest R&B soulstress Erykah Badu - notice a connection :) and various other ventures including penning and performing 'Ain't no time' for Hidden Beach Recordings 'Hidden Hits' compilation. With the release of her debut CD 'Free' hitting your record shelves last weeks (Mar 30th) I found it only fitting to review her disc.

Carmen wrote the majority of the lyrics to the songs while Geno Young (who was Erykah Badu's music director and produced and wrote on her Mama's Gun CD) and Ernie Green served as producers. From the start Free shows tremendous range and diversity as the songs are conceived with honest heart and emotion.

The album begins with 'Ain't no Time' a lovely mid tempo mellow groove that oozes Carmen's sensual vocals over morg keys and organ, from this track alone you feel that the CD can only get better the deeper you delge into it and it does. 'Dream' soon follows and can only be described as a choon and a half mate. The bass line is well driven and levels out the suttle keys and synchs as Carmen caresses the word throughout the song. Missing you and 'Try Again' gives you more of the same but 'Fallen' catches your ear for it's refreshing honesty in the story she tells said Carmen ''its about a homeless woman I used to pass by everyday her name is Gloria she inspired that song''

Other notables include 'Love', 'Hand's of Time', 'Morning' and the title track - sweet soothing honest harmonies laid over lush sensual melodies - in a word: Brilliant

This record reminds me very much of Adriana Evans self-titled set from about 8 years back. It set the standard then and I'm sure thatl Carmen's debut will follow suit and carry the torch on. As I mentioned earlier I had the opportunity to interview Carmen and you can read the entire interview in the Interview Room as well as the UK publication M2F which you can get if you live in the UK or go on line at www.m2fonline.com. Don't sleep on this one as it's a must have in my book.A very worthy TY-D Pick indeed

Listen to Carmen Rodgers - 'Free'

Listen to Carmen Rodgers - 'Dream'

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