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Mar. 15th 2004

Long overdue - Teena Marie Teena Marie - Still in Love - (Cash Money)

Ladies and gents - Teena Marie is back and boy has she been missed. Lady T was a major influence on the soul scene in the 70's and 80s and 90s where she enjoyed tremendous success with such hits like 'Square Biz', 'I Need You Loving', 'Lover Girl' and 'Ooh La, La, La', 'If I Were a Bell' and 'Just us 2'.

So where has she been you might ask yourself well after leaving Epic in 1992 she been putting out her music on her label (Serai) the last 10 years or so releasing 2 albums in that time Passion Play and Black Rain (although the later was never officially released). So with that album not showing itself to fans, everyone was hungrey for Teena's music, wondering if she would be back in the thick of it (musically speaking of course).

Then last June the news broke, Teena signs with rap music millionaire boys Cash Money Records (an unlikely source for a lady of such caliber as Teena) but the deal was done so it set forth the release a new album of all new material. The album called 'La Dona' will feature collaborations from some heavyweights of their era in the past (MC Lyte and old friend and duet partner Rick James). Label in house and staple producer Manny Fresh will produce some tracks as Teena takes on the majority of the duties throughout the project.

Speaking of Manny, although this track was co-produced by him, 'Still in Love' the lead off single is vintage Teena all the way through it. With a smooth baseline, piano keys soft violin tones suttlely playing throughout the song, Teena's masterful and sexy voice caresses the words in a manner as only she can. On the first listen you know it's a Teena Marie track you're listening to (you just can't mis place that voice - just brilliant stuff:)

This record will draw comparison to Alicia Keys 'You don't know my Name' for it's similarites but make no mistake it's all Teena here and this song has No.1 written all over it so it wouldn't surprise me if it reaches that plateau. All the right ingredients are in place to achieve it the rest is up to the public (let's see if I'm right). A very worthy TY-D Pick indeed

Listen to Teena Marie's - 'Still in Love'

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