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Mar. 1st 2004

Gorgeous voice - Rosie Rosie Gaines - I can't get you off my mind - (Dome)

Like a seasoned veteran of the music industry, Rosie Gaines has travelled many a road to gain stardom in her own right. The California born Gaines started out as a member of Flash in the 80s before going solo and signing with Epic in 1985. I remember her now classic rare groover 'Good Times' from her debut album and it's hard to believe that it's been almost 20 years since she made that excellent record.

It's been noted that she came to prominance during her time with his purple badness Prince as a member of his band The New Power Generation during the 90s and it was just a matter of time before she would step out on her own again. And she did with 'Closer Than Close' released on Motown in 1998 the title track remix single sold 250,000 copies and threw Rosie into the limelight.

Her latest release I can't get you off my mind taken from her brand new LP You gave me Freedom' (I might mention that it was written, produced, arranged and performed by Rosie herself) is truly top quality soul music at it's very best. Simplistic and with without flair, a soothing baseline, soft morg keys and synths accompanied by Rosie's sweet harmonizing vocals makes this one ever pleasing to the listening ear. Quality production from a quality artist of many talents.

It has become a firm favourite of UK soul DJs ever since it appeared on the Hidden Beach compilation disc Hidden Hits'.

The album, although is released on her own production company Dredlix Music, is licensed and released through Peter and Santosh Robinson's record label Dome out of the UK as well as major outlets all over so you might just want to pick up a copy.

A huge track in the making here and will score big on radio as well as the clubs so my suggestion is to get it - a TY-D Pick.

Listen to Rosie Gaines's - 'I can' get you off my mind'

Sir TY





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