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Feb. 15th 2004

'Barely' back in the spotlight - Janet Tweet - Boogie 2 Nite - (Elektra)

Her journey to the top may seem like it happened overnight for her but in truth it's taken Tweet the better part of 10 years to get ot the podium. Having come from a background in gospel music which both her parents made their mark in, she did her singing in the church and was signed to a production deal that went basically nowhere and was at her wit's end not knowing what to do next.

It was at this point in time that she recieved a call from an old friend - Missy Elliott who met each other back when they were inspirating performers who wanted her to sing background vocals for her then new album .....So Addictive. Missy was so taken by her singing that she took her to visit Elektra head Sylvia Rhone. "It was all like a dream, really," says Tweet. "Especially when you consider where my head was at. I guess in a way, the music I was writing at the time was like my therapy."

After taking the world by storm in 2002 with her infectous debut disc 'Southern Hummingbird', Tweet (who's real name is Charlene Keys - no relation to Alicia Keys:) returns with her latest effort and 3rd single 'Boogie 2 Nite'.

Produced by Missy with beats laid down by Timbaland, Boogie 2 Nite is a groovy uptempo dance number that asks the question of 'Are U ready' to boogie all night. Solid bass, hand claps and a catchy hook makes this one a monster hit in the making.

Already blowing up big time in the UK, Boogie 2 Nite looks to achieve the feat here in the states as the single both domestic and import gets a major release next month.

This is a wicked track and will score big on radio as well as the clubs so peep this one as you won't be disappointed. Also check out her album already in stores now - a TY-D Pick.

Listen to Tweet's - 'Boogie 2 Nite'

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