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Feb. 1st 2004

'Barely' back in the spotlight - Janet Janet - Just a Lil' While - (Virgin)

Janet (Miss Jackson if you're nasty) Jackson is back ladies and gents and this time she's making the news but not surprisingly in a shocking way (for me at least) but surprising for the rest of the world.

Recently the Jackson clan has been in the news with brother Michael being arrested and charged for child molestation and now Janet herself herself made headlines at this years Super Bowl. The sexy vixen was sharing the stage with pop's latest prince Justin Timberlake and at the end of the performance he grabs her right breast and tore away her clothing there exposing her breast for all the world to see although for a second it was long enough. I'm sure we'll hear more about this as it develops

With that said now on to more important things like her music. With her new album 'Damita Jo' coming out at the end of March, the unofficial first single is 'Just For a Lil' While' which will be released in the first part of March.

'Just For a Lil' While' has the feel of her 'Black Cat' track from years back (from her Rhythm Nation 1018 album), the song certainly does have that rock and roll vibe to it. Produced by Atlanta native and hit maker Dallas Austin, the song delivers heavily on the the guitar riffs as the intro suggests and a solid dose of bass driven by Janet's sultry voice carrying the words across.

Although not officially chosen by her record company as the first single, the unauthorized Internet download of the track has created a huge buzz, from radio programmers and consumers to Janetís loyal fans and because of the overwhelming demand and downloading of the track, the infectious song, was digitally distributed to radio stations all over the world

For her album 'Damita Jo' she's incorporated the services of some heavyweight producers including her main stay team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds, Rich Harrison and hot newcomer Kanye West As mentioned earlier her album is due at the end of March (March 30th) - a TY-D Pick.

Listen to Janet's - 'Just a 'lil while'

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