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Jan. 15th 2004

Looking good - Missy Elliott Missy Elliott - I'm really hot (Elektra/Goldmine)

Well what else is there to say about Missy 'Misdemeanor'Elliott. The singer/rapper/songwriter/producer extrodinaire has constantly provoked and probe the boundaries of modern rap music and fused some of the most thought binding rhythms and beats of our generation.

With her partner in rhyme and rhythm Timbaland sharing the producing responsibilities, Missy's punching out the hits as quickly as you can say who raps here. On each album she releases she always seems to reinvent herself in her music. With this track here taken from her 2nd album in as many years, the single comes knocking on your brain asking you to broaden your horizon.

'I'm really hot' gets you going by incorporating the baseline of Vanity 6's classic hit Nasty Girl from the off as Missy enters in with her laser sharp lyrics poking fun at the medium around her. As per the norm, Timbaland's hands is evident in the creation of the beats but it's all Missy from there on out as she scores another hit how does she do it - really (just kidding :) It's obvious the first lady of Rap is truly a talent to be reckoned with and to be in the game for as long as she last and not miss a beat says that she is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Her album 'This is not a test' is out now so if you've not listened to her music then you might want to become a fan - a TY-D Pick indeed.

Listen to Missy Elliott's - 'I'm really hot'

Sir TY





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