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Jan. 1st 2004

The master 'viber' - Roy Ayers Roy Ayers -Baby Doll (BBE/Rapster)

Mr. Roy Ayers is truly a legend in his own right. To be involved in music for well over 40 years (and still going strong I might add) is a rarity in itself and he's not missed a beat the entire journey. He is a master vibest who's patented the jazz funk sound during the 70s and 80s and literally made it his own.

His start in music was not deliberate but at a young age started singing in church choirs and his life changed when his parents took him to see vibe legend 'Lionel Hampton'. After his performance Lionel would normally take a stroll through the isles and noticed a young 5 year old boy about to jump out of his skin. After meeting Lionel, much to both Roy and his parent's surprise Lionel gave him a set of 'vibes and hence it begins....a legend is born. He started to teach himself and soon mastered the instrument.

He released his debut album 'West Coast Vibes' back in 1961 and never looked back since. Roy's body of work is truly amazing working with some of the industry's elite including Herbie Mann, Chico Hamilton and Bobbi Humphrey and his label Uno Melodic gave us sought after hits from Sylvia Striplin, The Eighties Ladies and Ramp (which by the way stands for Roy Ayers Music Productions). Would you believe that for several years during the 70s he released no less than two albums per year and in one instance released four.

His latest release 'Baby Doll' is an example of the 'master at work', an uptempo jazz funk groove that was probably conceived in or about the same time that the hits 'Running Away' and 'Get on up, Get on down' came to light. As you would expect Roy delivers another excellent performance and gives his fans another masterpiece to dwell on - I'm sold.....nuff said.

Oh by the way, this one is not found on his new album 'Roy Ayers Virgin Ubiquity so if you find it, get it (promise you won't regret it) - a TY-D Pick indeed.

Listen to Roy Ayers - 'Baby Doll'

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