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Nov. 15th 2003

The toast of the town - Amy Winehouse Amy Winehouse - Frank (Universal Int.)


You've probably not heard of this talented singer/songwriter who's entered the music scene but you will, trust me you will. Her name is Amy Winehouse, a native of my hometown of London, England and the latest of the female 'phenomenon' to crack the UK soul scene.

Born and raised in North London (Camdem Town to be precise) she spent her teenage years locked in her bedroom, studying and perfecting what she knew from an early age would be her craft. Amy got her first guitar at 13. Her mum listened to folk music and wanted her to study the natural strumming an acoustic guitar but her father became her savior as his taste was jazz oriented and the likes of Sarah Vaughn and Dinah Washington became the music of choice for her to listen to.

Her debut album 'Frank' to be frank is a mixture of different cultural rhythms and styles that takes you through a musical journey carved from the Big Band era onwards. James Moody's unforgettable track 'Moody's Mood for Love' is given the 'lovers rock' treatment with Amy's young, yet distinctively mature voice shining through on every note. 'In my Bed' is a solid, funky dance number that is tailor made for the clubs.

'Take the Box' is a throw back to the ballads of the 40s where comparisons are already being made to the legendary Billie Holiday, Pearl Bailey and Lena Horne while 'Fuck me Pumps' suggest man hunting (if you ask me don't you think?). Other tracks suggest when it comes to her writing her music she won't be about the issues the others artist are writing about, (the bling bling, fast cars, money etc...) said Amy ''she's more down to earth''.

Her debut single 'Stronger than Me' is torching the club scene in the UK right now and is currently the toast of the town with her excellent 'live' shows. The album was released last month in the UK but as yet to get a release on these shores here in the states. Be on the lookout for Amy, she's going to be large (no doubt) and is here to stay. A TY-D pick indeed.

Listen to Amy Winehouse - 'In my Bed'

Listen to Amy Winehouse - 'Moody's Mood for Love'

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