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Nov 1st 2003

They're back '1nce Again' - A Tribe called Quest A Tribr called Quest ft Erykah Badu- I.C.U. (doin' it) (Violator)


A few years back A Tribr called Quest had called it quits with their then label Jive Records and the group disbanded as 2 of it's members Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed Muhammad) left for a sold career in acting and rapping the other went on to help form the R&B group Lucy Pearl respectively. Well it seems that the 'band of brothers' have put their differences behind them to get together '1nce again' to give us a banging new track.

The track in question is called 'I.C.U. (doin' it)' and it features the lovely and sexy lady Erykah Badu. As per the norm with ATCQ, the music and flow is forfront and center as soft keys and a thumping base line drives the song on. Production chores fell solely on Ali's shoulders as he shaped the song with the greatest of ease on the production skills.

Rumor has it that the lads are currently geting together, collaborating on putting out a new Tribe called Quest album but it's not yet been comfirmed if so or when it will arrive.

The track on the other hand is taken from the forthcoming Violator compilation 'Violator 3' although no date has been set for the record being on store shelves as of yet but if this track is any indication for the album then the album should be off the hook.

I.C.U. (doin' it) is slated to be the lead off single from the 'Violator 3' album and has gone to radio this week so if you hear it do request it frequent and often. A TY-D pick indeed.

Listen to A Tribe called Quest ft: Erykah Badu - 'I.C.U. (doin' it)'

Sir TY





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