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Oct 15th 2003

Stealing the soptlight - Joss Stone Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions (S-Curve)


In soul music, comparisons have come and gone when it involves being a white SOUL singer. From the likes of Elvis Presley to Mariah Carey to Remy Shand even George Michael have drawn comparisons to the great soul treasures of the Black singers of yesteryear but perhaps none so warrants the comparison than that of newcomer Joss Stone

The 16 year old blond beauty from Devon, England, was introduced to the world of soul music by some of the legends whose music she loved when she was growing up: Betty Wright ('Clean Up Woman'), Timmy Thomas ('Why Can't We Live Together'), Willie 'Little Beaver' Hale (Groove On), and Latimore ('Let's Straighten It Out) serve as producers and all have a hand in the shaping of the young lass's mass talent as a singer which is evident she has plenty of. Also on hand is The Roots drummer/Producer Q?estLove

She puts writing her own songs on hold in order to concentrate on putting together an introductory album filled with heart and passion for the oldies. Though it was completed in only four days, The Soul Sessions is an 10 song collection of classics and lesser known soul gems. Songs by Aretha Franklin (All the Kings Horses), The White Stripes 'Fell in love with a boy', The Isley Brothers 'For the Love of You' and The Drifters' 'Some Kind of Wonderful all makes an appearance here alongside some contemporary tracks reinterpreted by Joss and mastered by these legendary soul titans.

Hearing is believing and she is the real deal I can tell you. She has the seasoned voice of Aretha, Sarah, Ella and Billie all rolled into one. With the right handling and song choices she will have a long and prosperous career in an industry that's very tough to be in. A very good strategy though peeking interest in the masses with the favourite classics of the past so we can't wait to hear her on originals in the future.

The Soul Sessions is in stores now (released on September 16,) and Joss has headed back in the studio to work on writing and recording her official first album. that's due in early 2004. A TY-D pick indeed.

Listen to Joss Stone's 'For the love of you'

Listen to Joss Stone's 'Fell in love with a boy'

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