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Sept 1st 2003

Livin' in a 'Crazy World' - Kenny Thomas Kenny Thomas - Crazy World (SuSu)


Kenny Thomas is an artist that really hasn't got this due as far as a soul singer is concerned mostly due to his pop status that people categories him in. Although his forte is covering mostly remakes of that I've heard of him, his latest effort 'Crazy World' is truly in a class by itself by his ranks.

On listening to Kenny you would never think he was a pop act because he has a lot of soul in him as evident on this record. Produced by Fred McFarlane (Dennis Taylor, India T), this song is an infectious house track that has you moving from the word get go. Armed with a ruggedly thumping baseline, keys and simple symths, Kenny's smooth baritone voice eases on the lyrics so effortlessly that it doesn't seem as if he's singing at times in a word - SWEET.

I couldn't find much in the way of a bio on Kenny other than he hails from my native homeland of the United Kingdom. He's has three previous full length CDs ('Voices' and 'Wait for Me' and 'Best of') all on Cool Tempo Records spanning hits such as 'Tender Love', 'Outstanding' and 'Tripping on your love'. '

There is no album yet but the single is in record shops now so I'd suggest going to your local store and pick up a copy. A TY-D pick indeed.

Listen to Kenny Thomas's 'Crazy World'

Sir TY





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