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Aug 1st 2003

'Beautiful' track - Javier Javier - Beautiful U R (Capitol)


He sounds a lot like D'Angelo in some instances with a dash of Rashaan Patterson thrown in for good measure but then again, on the other hand he carries some of Maxwell's flair as well. Who am I talking about - well actually it's newcomer Javier.

With his self-titled set hitting record store shelves next week, the talented singer, songwriter and instrumentalist states ''There's just so much I wanted to write and sing about on my first album, I wanted to include so many different styles of music on this album because variety is what I'm all about".

The lead off single 'Crazy' is a sensual ballad that draws off the emotions of love and the effects of what it can do to a person. The single has been making the rounds at radio the last few weeks and is getting favorable reviews across the board.

The track that impressed me the most though and is on review here is 'Beautiful U R' which to me I feel is the strongest of all the songs on the album. The song has excellent production, stellar lyrics and Javier's mellow tenor guiding the track from through from start to finish, in a word - superb. As he currently makes the rounds promoting the record across the country. Why don't you make a trip to your local record shop and get acquainted with the young star who's bound to find an audience with you. A TY-D pick for sure.

Listen to Javier's 'Beautiful U R'

Sir TY





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