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May 1st 2003

Classic Comp- UrbanStars - The Tribute Galactic Mutherland - Destiny: (Varsity Int.)


In recent months, there has been an array of new acts that has drop some serious tunes that are just (in a word - brilliant) wicked to say the least but the downfall of it all is that there's no details on them or where they originate from or better yet no web site of their own to draw attention to them (Bon Garcon comes to mind immediately) and another act much in the same vein is newcomers 'Galactic Mutherland'.

Not much is known about the band except they have an 5 track EP out on Varsity International and the tracks on there are just superb. 'Destiny' (features here) has a brilliant new vocalist in Tiffany Persons on board and the vibe on this tune just sets the mood for your listening entertainmnt throughout the rest of the EP.

Wonderful production and excellent instrumentation is on hand with Tiffany's sultry voice settling in very nicely throughout the song. It's a must have for any soul enthausiast. Unfortunately it hasn't made it's way to American soil yet so you will have to get it on line via 2-funky.co.uk or onewayrecords.co.uk. Don't miss out on this one. A TY-D Pick for real

Listen to Galactic Mutherland's 'Destiny'






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