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Apr 15th 2003

Classic Comp- UrbanStars - The Tribute Various Artists - UrbanStars: The Tribute: (UrbanStar)


Music is a funny thing as far as comps go, on the whole, they normally boast one or two tracks of noteworthy mentioning but then, every now and then you get the odd one or two that really shines from start to finish. One such compilation is UrbanStars latest release, 'UrbanStars: The Tribute'

Boasting a array of artists from both the past and present, UrbanStars: The Tribute gives you a taste of what the future holds for comps with excellent reninditions of past classics gems. Some say that certain records should not be tampered with as they are (to most) sacred treasures, and I'm one of those said persons, but once I got ahold of this comp I soon changed my tune.

The treatments on these remakes are masterful as so is the case on the Frankie Beverly and Maze classic ‘Before I let go’ revamped by Terry Stanton, the lead vocalist on last years ‘You re my starship’ by 'The Dazz Band'. Ten city’s BYRON STINGILY makes Hall & Oakes ‘I can't go for that’ his own and Tony, Toni, Tone’s classic ‘I couldn't keep it to myself’ covered by Jag is one of the my favourites not to mention the legendary Gwen McCrae's daughter Leah tackles her mom's classic hit ‘All this love that I'm givin’

Let's not forget the originaters on board here who came on to remake their classics, exclusively for this album. Oliver Cheatham gives his own classic anthem ‘Get down, Sat. Night’ the new millennium treatment and well as George McCrae re-igniting his disco grove on his own track - ‘Rock you, Baby’.

Other notables include Danielle excellent remake of Rose Royce's ‘I wanna get to you’, YO YO HONEY with En Vogues ‘Hold On’ and D’Influence with The Jacksons classic ‘Rock with you’ - wicked! Now this compilation is one that you will be playing in your system for years to come. A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Terry Stanton's 'Before I let go'






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