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Apr 1st 2003

Shining bright - Gary Des Estages Gary Des Estages - All I wanna do: (FER)


Just who is Gary Des Estages? Well here are the details - he was born in Lewisham, outside of London and raised in South London, England. He's a trained psychiatric nurse who now resides in Preston with his family.

Gary got our attention back in '99 with the single 'If You Ever Fall in Love' taken from the 'Soul Steppers' compilation disc which got rave reviews for him. Now he's back with his latest effort in 'All I Wanna Do' - a lovely mid-tempo R&B track that sits very well in today's urban soul theme.

Armed with a thumping bassline, keys, synths and of course Gary's voice, it has all the makings to be a winner all round. Gary's been honing his chops around London making live PAs in Southport, Prestatyn and Derby recently and has been busy in the studio putting together another single and a possible EP as well.

Although this song has been floating around for the last couple of months, it's just now getting the recognition it so richly deserves with radio play now having it in full rotation. Do go out and pick this one up as it's a terrific track and you'll play very frequent and often. Another TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Gary Des Estages's 'All I wanna do'






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