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Aug 1st 2000


Satoshi Tomiie - Full Lick: LP (C2 Records/Sony) 


In his native Japan, DJ/producer Satoshi Tomiie has made it big and is held as an icon. Here in the states mention his name and most people would likely say 'who'. Satoshi was first introduced to us in 1989 by renown New York DJ Frankie Knuckles with the monster smash "Tears," followed by the just as big 'And I love you'. 

Since then Satoshi has been fine tuning his craft and has now released Full Lick, his first full length effort. Here Satoshi has  distinguishes himself as a producer who has grown in his own right, channeling the many different styles of house into a comprehensive collection that rises from murky grooves to infectious rave trances.

You are greeted with "Love In Traffic" and "Up In Flames'', which features Sneaker Pimps Kelli Ali, whose breathy vocals perfectly contrast Tomiie's haunting harmonics and tribal beats. From there, the album's mood shifts gears, peaking with the powerful, classic tracks "Inspired" and "Sincerity," both showing off the pipes of soul diva Diane Charlemagne. Then just when you think it doesn't get any better, you are offered a slice of 'Heaven', a wonderful and welcome change of pace featuring the vocal talents of Danny Madden. Full Lick is an album that 10 years from now will be hailed as an album that set the new standard in house music. This is one to watch for in 2000.





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