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Mar 1st 2003


Full Flava ft: Carleen Anderson - Stories: (Dome)


A couple of years back Full Flava released their debut set Chinese Whispers which featured a host of hot talent from both the UK and the US including Donna Gardier (US), Ruby Turner (UK) and Fiona Day (UK) to name a few.

Full Flava is the project of a group of three writers and musicians based out of Birmingham in England
Rob Derbyshire, Paul Mullings and Westley Jones all of whom have been working together for about 5 years. They've worked with some of the best in R&B/ Soul music scene such as Beverley Knight, LuLu, Pato Benton and Nu Colours.

Previewed here is their latest single 'Stories' featuring the one and only Carleen Anderson (daughter of the legendary Bobby Byrd of JB's fame). The song is a classy piece of soul music with excellent production throughout from the fellas. A steady bass line and rhythm, a healthy dose of chords led by the stellar vocals of Carleen - what more could you ask for.

Taken from the forthcoming album 'olour of my Soul', this is one to watch. Be on the lookout for this one has the potential to be huge (mark my words) definitely one for your listening ear. A BIG definite TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Full Flava ft: Charleen Anderson's 'Stories'






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