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Feb 15th 2003


Chico Debarge - Not Together: (Alove/Koch)


After MIA (Missing In Action) for the last 4 years Chico Debarge returns and ready to drop his 5th album but this time it will be on the singer's own label. The album called 'Free' will be released on Koch Records on March 26th and features Chico as writer and producer on the set.

The lead off single 'Not Together' (the focus here) is a premise to that old cliché 'if it isn't broke don't fix it' as Chico breezes through the track in similar fashion to works of the past. Good production is strong and evident and will definitely put him back in the music media spotlight.

Regarding the departure from Kedar and going independent on the album said Chico "The album's personal, it's just me expressing myself. I didn't try to be contrived; it's very true to what I'm going through. Going independent means having a destiny secured, you can only be a hot singer for so long and really what have you achieved ... a Gold album? You want to be able to set up a career where you can be 70 years old and still call the shots."

Chico has had sold numerous albums with several claiming gold status both as a member of DeBarge and as a solo artist but in 2000 he and Motown respectfully parted ways. He quickly created his own label (Alove Records) which enables him to call the shots on all levels and has now partnered with KOCH Records.

A decent effort regardless from Chico as he looks to surface again to his status four years back. Still definitely one for your listening ear though. A TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Chico Debarge 's 'Not Together'





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