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Jan 15th 2003


Victor Davies - Sound of the Samba 12'' rmx: (Compost)


Recently there has been a few artistes who has been bubbling to near perfection but not getting the recognition they so richly deservered (Remy Shand and Dwele comes to mind) but wait a sec - there in the distance is a talented singer coming into his own, his name - Victor Davies

Now although his self-titled album was released almost 2 years ago, the music of this talented London born singer/songwriter needs to be out there, being played everywhere there's a radio station or internet station. It's swelted in various rhythms from jazz to folk to comtempory R&B which is very evident in the track reviewed here - Sound of the Samba.

The song has the upfelt presence of being a masterpiece right off the first note and I do say that whole heartedly as it is just truly a wicked track. The slow introduction of the lazy guitar and flute leads you into Victor's tender baritone as he takes you on a journey into his musical world. As you trod along the pace picks up and there you have a brazilian Samba in full swing. Fruitful and deliberate the journey ends finding you refreshed and filled and ready for another dose.

With all instruments played by Victor, there isn't a single thing wrong with this track. All the right ingredients are in place to see this one become this summers stand out track. Put it on your shopping list as 'one not to missed' as it will be a staple in your current listening playlist. A quote from his site states "Victor Daviesís sound is neither directed by certain trends nor through a marketing-created image, itís just pure and timeless music at its best" - I definitely second that and then some as that sort of commitment is hard to find nowadays. This is one not to be missed, do pick it up if you get the chance.

Listen to Victor Davies's 'Sound of the Samba'





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