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Jan 1st 2003


Midnight Star - 15th Avenue (LP): (Red Star Records)


In the 80s Midnight Star was on the band in the limelight literally they were on fire as they scored hit after hit like 'No parking on the dance floor', 'Curious' and 'Wet my Whistle'. The late 80s saw the band's founding members brothers Vincent and Reggie Calloway branched out on their own and the band was never really the same. The 90s wasn't as kind as the 80s as they released a couple of albums that really didn't live up to expections.

Now more than a decade later Midnight Star returns with 6 of the original members (including lead vocalist Belinda Lipcomb and Bo Watson) to drops their 1st album of all new material called '15th Avenue'. The album is filled with winners from start to finish tapping into their original concept of 80s flavour and blending it with the new mellennium soul.

Tracks like 'Love to get to know you', 'I like the way you dance' and the title track will make you shake a leg while ballads like 'Caught in the moment' and 'Hooked on you' reminds us of how it was done back in the day. A terrific return for the group - well worth your listening ear do pick it up if you get the chance.

Listen to Midnight Star's '15th Ave '

Listen to Midnight Star's 'Caught in the moment'





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