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Nov 15th 2002


Common ft: Mary J Blige - Come close (to me): (OK Player/MCA)


It's hard to believe that it's been 2 yrs in Common's last release - the brlliant 'Like water for Chocolate' which saw him score his biggest hit to date with 'The Light' featuring Erykah Badu. Now the silver tongued rapper is back with a brand new album called 'Electric Circus' his sophomore release for the OK Player/MCA label due on your local record shelves come Dec 10th.

He has picked up exactly where he left off with the last set. The lead off single is a mid tempo groover called 'Come close (to me)' that finds Common's lyrical flow in fine form. The Chicago native has come on strong once again with what WILL be another hit to add to his already impressive repertoire and with the help of reigning hip hop queen of soul Mary J Blige supplying background vocals and produced by The Neptunes no less (that's right I said The Neptunes didn't think they had those jazzy beats in 'em) so you know this one has all the makings.

The single has been sent to radio this week so do yourself a favour and get it and as for radio program directors - take note and be sure to add this one to your station's play list as the MTV music network has just added the video to their roaster. Look out for this one it's going to be huge. Another TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Common's 'Come close (to me)'





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