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Nov 1st 2002


Lugo - Good to go: (Cafe De Soul-UK)


Just who is this fella Lugo? Well trust me he's no overnight sensation I can tell you. He's a gent that's been in the background writing tracks for Montell Jordan and Traci Spencer and is currently Christine Aguilera's percussionist for one and now ventures out on his own with his debut release 'Good to Go' the first single from the forthcoming album of the same name.

This is a truly nice track that's well seasoned with all the key ingredients to make it a top ten contender on the charts. A steller bass line softened by string overtones gives Lugo the chance to showcase his baritone to the fullest. There's no shying away as he drives his delivery home. His label Cafe De Soul is a new soul record label out of my native UK that's been steadily getting a lot of attention for their roaster of quality soul acts and Lugo is definitely one that signifies that fact.

Look for the full length on your local record shop shelves soon as there is no release date offered yet but I'll keep you posted as it comes available. Another TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Lugo's 'Good to go'




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