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July 15th 2000

Jazz Poineer - Ronny Jordan Ronny Jordan - A Brighter Day: LP (Blue Note/Capitol)

He set the standard for the fusion of jazz, rap, latin and brazilian beats all merging into one gender. Since his debut set The Antidote (4th & B'Way) back in 1992 Ronny has been on the cutting edge of his craft reshaping the sounds of modern jazz.

Mr. Jordan enters such diversity of musical styles on his self-produced new album A Brighter Day - a collection of tracks that somerphy the unique structure we call jazz. From the start we are introduced to A Brighter Day  a slow soothing piece of smooth guitar licks accompanied by the talented Stephanie Mckay on vocals. Next we have the mystical and enchanting Aftermath a blend of fusion and synths as they intertwyne with each other and the added treat of Stephanie's vocals makes it a delight to listen to.

What sets Ronny apart from the majority is that he seldom does covers of other works but an exception is made with his brilliant renindition of Roy Ayers Maiden Voyage featuring Roy himself on vibes. On the strength of this track alone makes the album all the more worth while. Renown DJ Spinna adds his trademark touch on Mackin' and Why? and a remix of A Brighter Day featuring rap maestro Mos Def to round out the set.

Other notables include London Lowdown, Two Worlds, Seeing is believing and Mambo Inn. A most def. Ty-D Pick, go out and get a copy and see for yourself.




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