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Oct 15th 2002


Hil St Soul - All That (+ Bag of Chips): (Gut Records)


She's getting a lot of attention lately and rightfully so. Hil St Soul (given name: Hilary Mwelwa) could very well become the next household name to land on these shores. She's blessed with one of the freshest voices to come out of the UK in recent years and her debut release 'Soul Organic' which dropped in 2000 is still getting airplay on stations across the globe.

But things do change and so has Hil leaving Dome (stating that she needs more creative control on her music), she now returns with a new label in Gut Records and a new album called Copasetic & Cool. The lead off single - 'All That (+Bag of Chips)' is a steller of an R&B dance track that picks up exactly where 'Strictly a vibe thang' and 'Nostalgia' left off. A low key organ intro with Hil haromizing starts the song off then in comes the a heavy drenched bass line with a touch of the old keyboards floating in here and there. Enter the voice that picks you up and carries you throughout to the very end. Very well orchestrated, produced and performed - another winner

The release date for Copasetic & Cool is Nov 25th so do pick it up if you get a chance. Hil's certainly stepping on the brink of stardom 'cos her star is shining rather bright these days and deservedly so.  Another TY-D Pick indeed. 

Listen to Hil St Soul's 'All That (+ Bag of Chips)'





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